Bird Tables

Bird Tables

We have a large range of Bird Tables, Feeders, and Feeding Tables unique to ourselves. We design, manufacture and build these tables at our unit in Tamworth, Staffordshire

We only sell the highest quality hand made wildlife, bird and garden products direct to you.Our Bird Tables are our own designs, based on years of customer feedback. We pride ourselves on high quality wooden construction and we can use FSC certified timber if required. Our tables for their stability and solid construction, and well respected in the trade.

We supply a range of types from slate roof tables to open feeders and ground feeders. We can even supply you with a custom made bespoke table to your own specifications. We offer excellent prices and a full returns policy for your peace of mind.Our bird tables range is perfect for garden or patio areas, and the range of styles complement any garden. We treat all wood with weatherproofing agent, but suggest regular treatment to ensure longevity.

We listen to our customer feedback regularly, and continously improve our bird tables in this way.

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Baby Triple Bird Table

This is a great bird table with three feeding platforms at different levels, offering the chance to ..

£109.99 £93.49
Ex Tax: £77.91

Baby Triple Platform Bird Table c/w slate roof

An excellent large and well designed bird table, with three feeding platforms. The main table is 385..

£120.00 £102.00
Ex Tax: £85.00

Bird Feeding Station (Large)

Another in our range of bird feeding stations, this is the large version. These are primarily intend..

£58.99 £50.14
Ex Tax: £41.79

Bird Feeding Station (Medium)

This is the medium sized Bird Feeding Station in our range. These don't have a table as such, a..

£30.00 £25.50
Ex Tax: £21.25

Bird Feeding Station Deluxe

This is our largest bird feeder feeding station, and also comes with 2 additional side tables attach..

£78.00 £66.30
Ex Tax: £55.25

Buttermere Slate Roof Bird Table

Another new table to the riverside range,  the Buttermere Slate Roof Bird Table has clean lines and ..

£109.99 £93.49
Ex Tax: £77.91

Denby Wooden Roof Bird Table

Simple lines make this a very contemporary Bird Table,  fitting in with modern gardens or new homes...

£64.00 £54.40
Ex Tax: £45.33

Ground Feeding Bird Table

In addition to full height bird tables, a ground feeding bird table can help spread the workload of ..

£18.00 £15.30
Ex Tax: £12.75

Hanging Bird Table

We know that some people may not have the space for a full bird table and stand, or they may already..

£29.00 £24.65
Ex Tax: £20.54

Lodge Bird Table

New to the riverside range is this solid wood bird table. A large imposing design based on a tudor s..

£109.99 £93.49
Ex Tax: £77.91

Open Bird Table Large

A recently designed bird table which arrives in kit form with stand. It fits in with any g..

£34.99 £29.74
Ex Tax: £24.79

Premier Garden Bird Table

Classic looks with a contemporary twist, this is a large imposing bird table which is better suited ..

£106.00 £90.10
Ex Tax: £75.08

Premier Plus Bird table

This is an old favourite which we stopped doing for a while to make way for our newer tables, but we..

£130.00 £110.50
Ex Tax: £92.08

Premier Plus Cage Top Bird Table

The old problem of larger birds stealing the food from the smaller ones on your bird table is fixed ..

£160.00 £136.00
Ex Tax: £113.33

Premium Bird Feeding Station

A rather unique and proving to be very popular twin bird table feeding station, dont the picture foo..

£120.00 £102.00
Ex Tax: £85.00

Ripon Bird Table

Over the years, we ike to listen to what our customers have to say, and build our next range of Bird..

£55.00 £46.75
Ex Tax: £38.96

Rustic Ridge Wooden Roof Bird Table

Part of the riverside range of bird tables is this rustic style, wavy solid wood roof table, with an..

£50.00 £42.50
Ex Tax: £35.42

Rustic Slate Roof Bird Table

Part of the riverside range of bird tables this classic rustic styled table has a solid wooden ridge..

£64.00 £54.40
Ex Tax: £45.33

Rustic Timber Roof Bird Table

Part of the new riverside range made by us in Staffordshire, this table has a rather charming wavy w..

£67.99 £57.79
Ex Tax: £48.16

Rustic wall mounted bird table

A great little wall mounted bird table, ideal for attaching to posts, fences, garden walls or even o..

£29.95 £25.46
Ex Tax: £21.21

Safe Haven Bird Table

A specially designed bird table with a stainless steel cage around it so only the little birds can g..

£135.00 £114.75
Ex Tax: £95.63

Sheringham Slate Roof Bird Table

Another new addition to the riverside range of bird tables. This very attractive and solid table has..

£70.00 £59.50
Ex Tax: £49.58

Triple Platform Bird Table

An excellent large and well designed bird table, with three feeding platforms. The main table is 500..

£129.00 £109.65
Ex Tax: £91.38

Verwood Large, Slate Roof Bird Table

We make a lot of our own bird tables, as we can cater for the designs that customers ask us for. The..

£109.99 £93.49
Ex Tax: £77.91

Verwood Log Roof Bird Table

As part of the new riverside range of bird tables, we have added a new log cabin roof design to the ..

£72.00 £61.20
Ex Tax: £51.00

Verwood Slate Roof Bird Table

Part of the new riverside range made by us in Staffordshire, the verwood slate roof bird table is a ..

£70.00 £59.50
Ex Tax: £49.58

Woodland Bird Table

A lovely slate roof bird table with a very open appearance, but without losing the attractive detail..

£70.00 £59.50
Ex Tax: £49.58

Bird Feeding Starter Kit

This kit is perfect for someone who cant decided what they want to buy for the birds outside or as a..

£66.00 £59.40
Ex Tax: £49.50

Bird Table Feeder Station

Open top bird table tray made from plywood with solid wooden edges, comes with black decorative brac..

£30.00 £25.50
Ex Tax: £21.25

Bird Table Stand Large

This is the large version of our Bird Table Stands range. Identical in design and onstruction but wi..

£25.00 £21.25
Ex Tax: £17.71

Bird Table Stand Medium

Most of the time if you have an old bird table, the top is normally fine but the stand is the first ..

£20.00 £17.00
Ex Tax: £14.17