Bird Tables

Bird Tables

We have a large range of Bird Tables, Feeders, and Feeding Tables unique to ourselves. We design, manufacture and build these tables at our unit in Tamworth, Staffordshire

We only sell the highest quality hand made wildlife, bird and garden products direct to you.Our Bird Tables are our own designs, based on years of customer feedback. We pride ourselves on high quality wooden construction and we can use FSC certified timber if required. Our tables for their stability and solid construction, and well respected in the trade.

We supply a range of types from slate roof tables to open feeders and ground feeders. We can even supply you with a custom made bespoke table to your own specifications. We offer excellent prices and a full returns policy for your peace of mind.Our bird tables range is perfect for garden or patio areas, and the range of styles complement any garden. We treat all wood with weatherproofing agent, but suggest regular treatment to ensure longevity.

We listen to our customer feedback regularly, and continously improve our bird tables in this way.

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Baby Triple Bird Table

Our triple platform Bird Tables offer three different levels of feeding for your garden birds.

Ex Tax: £91.66

Baby Triple Platform Bird Table c/w slate roof

An eco slate roof version of the popular Triple Platform Bird Feeding Table, offering additional levels of feeding
Ex Tax: £100.00

Bird Feeding Station (Large)

A large and imposing table-less Bird Table which instead offers multiple hanging points for feeders 

Ex Tax: £49.16

Bird Feeding Station (Medium)

Medium sized Bird Feeding Station, perfect for the hanging of nut feeders for the smaller birds in your garden.
Ex Tax: £25.00

Bird Feeding Station Deluxe

Attractive and impressive large Feeding station, perfect for the hanging of nut feeders and similar items.

Ex Tax: £65.00

Buttermere Slate Roof Bird Table

The Buttermere tables feature an eco slate roof and good drainage at the side of the table, which helps prolong the life.

Ex Tax: £91.66

Denby Wooden Roof Bird Table

The Denby Bird Table has contemporary looks but can be at home in a traditional garden setting too, and the birds love it !
Ex Tax: £53.33

Ground Feeding Bird Table

We realised that the birds who like to feed low level often miss out, so we designed these great little bird tables for them.
Ex Tax: £15.00

Hanging Bird Table

Hang these tables anywhere... tree branches, wall hangers, posts or fences. An ideal bird table for small spaces
Ex Tax: £24.17

Lodge Bird Table

These solid and very large Bird Tables are an impressive sight in your Garden. Perfect for larger gardens or where you need to make an impact.
Ex Tax: £91.66

Open Bird Table Large

A simple roofless design Bird Table with no roof or sides, ideal for smaller gardens

Ex Tax: £29.16

Premier Garden Bird Table

These Bird Tables are large and very solid. Ideal for larger gardens or if you're looking to make an impact. We've got one in our own garden !
Ex Tax: £88.33

Premier Plus Bird table

The Premier Plus Bird Tables are the larger version of our Premier Table. These are extremely solid, well built, and over 6ft tall.
Ex Tax: £108.33

Premier Plus Cage Top Bird Table

A caged top version of the popular premier plus table, which lets larger larger birds feed form the main table whilst providing a protected section for smaller ones.

Ex Tax: £133.33

Premium Bird Feeding Station

A behemoth of a Bird Table at 6ft tall and offering two hanging bird tables with additional hanging feeder sections

Ex Tax: £100.00

Ripon Bird Table

A simple and traditional Bird Tables with a functional design and a price to match. Sits perfectly in any style of garden.

Ex Tax: £45.83

Rustic Ridge Wooden Roof Bird Table

A lovely designed ship-lapped roof with enclosed sides and a simple base. Very attractive and popular Bird Table.

Ex Tax: £41.67

Rustic Slate Roof Bird Table

An eco slate roof version of out popular Rustic Ridge Bird Tables. Suitable for all sized garden birds.

Ex Tax: £53.33

Rustic Timber Roof Bird Table

A slightly simper design of the other Rustic range of Bird Tables

Ex Tax: £56.66

Rustic wall mounted bird table

Wall mounted Bird Table which can be fixed to walls, trees, fenceposts, garden walls, and many other places

Ex Tax: £24.96

Safe Haven Bird Table

Help the smaller birds feed and keep the larger ones away with our caged bird Table

Ex Tax: £100.00

Sheringham Slate Roof Bird Table

Clay mix roof is an attractive alternative to slate on the Sheringham Bird Tables. Clean lines, and a simple design at a great price.

Ex Tax: £58.33

Triple Platform Bird Table

If you have a lot of Birds, the Triple Platform table has three feeders on three separate platforms, ideal for feeding large and smaller birds at the same time.

Ex Tax: £107.50

Verwood Large, Slate Roof Bird Table

Larger by request and design, the Verwood Slate Roof Bird Table offers a large platform and internal nut feeder built in.

Ex Tax: £91.66

Verwood Log Roof Bird Table

Shipladded Wooden Roof designed to mimic a log cabin makes these Bird Tables a favourite. Looks great in a traditional garden.

Ex Tax: £60.00

Verwood Slate Roof Bird Table

Eco Slate Roof version of our Verwood Log Rood Bird Table, with interior perches and an internal removable nut feeder

Ex Tax: £58.33

Woodland Bird Table

New to our range with taller sides to the roof section, along with side perches on the upright sections make these bird tables look rather special.

Ex Tax: £58.33

Bird Shack Bird Table

The 'Bird Shack' Bird Table is designed to give an industrial appearance similar to that of a temporary metal shack

Ex Tax: £100.00