About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

From humble beginnings to wildlife champions

With Riverside Woodcraft, every hand-crafted piece holds a story, every creation a purpose. It was in the budding days of March 2007 that our vision took root, aiming to furnish the verdant gardens of the UK with something beyond the ordinary: handcrafted wildlife products that echo the voice of nature.

As the UK's premium wildlife product suppliers, we've woven a tale not just of business growth but of passion for the natural world. Our humble beginnings were marked by an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and a dream to serve the needs of garden wildlife with unparalleled excellence. Today, that dream continues to flourish as we stand as champions in the wildlife product market.

Through Riverside Woodcraft's High-quality handcrafted wildlife products, we've seen the blooming of bird songs and the gentle rustle of hedgehog leaves. Our hands have shaped wood, and our hearts have crafted homes, leading us to become more than just a small business brand — we're a haven for those who share our love for wildlife.

Every handcrafted wildlife product near me, every functional wildlife product, is a testament to our journey, a piece of our story. As we continue to grow, we invite you to be a part of this beautiful expedition to spread wings and roots alongside us, nurturing wildlife with products crafted out of love and respect for our shared home, the Earth.

Craftsmanship that speaks

At Riverside Woodcraft, we don't just build environmentally conscious wildlife products—we craft legacies. Our exquisite selection of handmade garden wildlife products near me is a testament to what true craftsmanship can achieve. Each piece is more than just a functional item; it's a fusion of innovation, artistry, and nature's splendour.

Innovative handcrafted wildlife products online

We bring the workshop to the web with various innovative handcrafted heavy-duty wooden tables online. Our digital gallery showcases bird tables that are not only visually stunning but also brimming with inventive features. From easy-clean surfaces to integrated feeding solutions, our online collection makes it simple for bird lovers across the UK to find a piece that fits perfectly into their garden ecosystem.

Durable with unique designs 

Durability meets design in our range of bird tables. We understand that a bird table should weather the seasons gracefully as it welcomes your garden's visitors. That's why our durable tables with unique designs are crafted to endure, built from select materials that stand firm against the elements. Each table boasts a distinct design, from traditional to contemporary, ensuring that no matter your garden's theme, there's a Riverside Woodcraft bird table to complement it.

Championing animal welfare

In the heart of Riverside Woodcraft lies a deep-seated commitment to the welfare of one of Britain's most endearing mammals. Our dedication to charming garden dwellers is embodied in our carefully crafted products, designed to offer safe havens and warm shelters.

Recommended by rescue centres 

Our hedgehog houses have earned the endorsement of various animal rescue centres. Recognised as some of the best market brands for safe habitats, our homes are celebrated for their thoughtful design, which provides the security and comfort that wildlife need to thrive. Rescue centres commend our commitment to creating spaces that mimic natural habitats, facilitating conservation efforts in your backyard.

Design philosophy: Inspired by nature

At Riverside Woodcraft, our creations reflect the natural world we cherish so deeply. Each product in our portfolio, from the tiniest feeder to the sturdiest animal house, is a physical manifestation of our wildlife-focused product design ethos. To truly honour the wildlife that graces our gardens, our designs must seamlessly integrate into their world, providing not just utility but also comfort and safety.

Wildlife-focused product design ethos 

Every item should enrich the lives of the wildlife it serves. We draw inspiration from the curves of branches, the sturdiness of tree trunks, and the sheltering embrace of leaves. Our products are all conceived to mirror the harmony of nature. This wildlife-focused product design ethos guides us in creating products that are intuitively aligned with the needs and behaviours of garden wildlife.

Environmentally conscious designs for garden wildlife 

Understanding our duty to the planet, we extend our respect for nature into every aspect of our work, including our commitment to environmentally conscious designs for garden wildlife. We choose sustainable materials and methods that minimise our ecological footprint, ensuring that our practices contribute positively to environmental conservation. Our customers can trust that in supporting Riverside Woodcraft, they're not only nurturing their local wildlife but also championing eco-friendly initiatives.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability

At Riverside Woodcraft, our ethos is deeply rooted in a commitment to quality that coexists with a profound responsibility towards sustainability. We believe that caring for our natural world is not an option but a duty, and this belief is intricately woven into every product we create.

High-quality, sustainable wildlife products commitment

Our pledge is to deliver high-quality, sustainable wildlife products that support the biodiversity of your gardens without compromising the health of our planet. From the materials we select to the production processes we employ, every step is taken with a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact. Our customers have come to recognise Riverside Woodcraft as a trusted brand for eco-friendly wildlife habitats because they know that behind every product is a promise of uncompromised quality and a green philosophy.

A trusted brand for eco-friendly wildlife habitats

As a trusted brand, our name has become synonymous with reliability and integrity in wildlife care. Each product is designed to last and to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible. In our journey towards sustainability, we are continually innovating and finding new ways to enhance the eco-friendliness of our wildlife habitats.

Through our dedication to these principles, we aim not only to nurture the wildlife in your garden but also to preserve the greater wilderness around us. When you choose Riverside Woodcraft, you select a partner who stands firmly by the commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring a thriving, green world for generations to come.

Why Riverside Woodcraft?

Choosing the right partner for your wildlife support goes beyond finding the best products; it's about aligning with a brand that shares your values and commitment to nature. Riverside Woodcraft stands out in this regard, not only through our superior product offerings but also through our dedication to making a real difference in the natural world.

Why choose Riverside Woodcraft for wildlife support 

The answer is clear: our passion for wildlife care is at the core of everything we do. When you opt for Riverside Woodcraft, you're selecting a brand with dedicated years to perfect the craft of wildlife support. Our expertise is evident in each product, from the thoughtful handmade designs to the protective intricacies of our hedgehog houses. We constantly ask ourselves, "Why choose Riverside Woodcraft?" the answer always comes back to our unparalleled commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.