Bird Tables, Hedgehog Houses, Nest Boxes, Garden Benches and more...

Riverside Woodcraft is a family run Garden, Bird, and Wildlife company operating from our premises in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We manufacture quality wooden garden products from our own workshop and to our own designs. We distribute our exclusive range of Bird Tables, Nest Boxes, Hedgehog Houses and other similar items to trade and public.

All designs are manufactured to the highest quality, and we continually update our products based on customer feedback. We have a keen interest in wildlife and birds, which helps us produce quality items which are perfect for the job they are designed for. All products are made in house by our small but dedicated team, using environmentally stable materials and animal friendly wood treatments to give the wildlife in your garden a safe and strong habitat. Service is important to us and our systems reflect this with a simple and friendly family run workforce

Bird Tables for Wild and Garden Birds 

We pride ourselves on making high-quality Bird Tables at low prices. We're a wildlife manufacturer who produce our Bird Tables based on our customers feedback and requirements, and above all are wildlife lovers ourselves.


Nest Boxes, Hedgehog Houses, Wildlife Food, and more

We make everything for your favourite wildlife. Our Hedgehog Houses are renowned across the UK, and we're constantly adding to the range. We also supply Bird Nest Boxes, Bat Boxes, Owl Boxes and lots more !

Garden Furniture and Planters

In addition to our very well known Wildlife products, we also supply Furniture, Garden Benches, and Planters. These are made to the same high quality as our other products, and are some of sturdiest and reliable wooden furniture you'll find.


Bird Feeding Station (Large)

Another in our range of bird feeding stations, this is the large version. These are primarily intend..

£58.99 £52.00

Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food 2kg

Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food is a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balanc..

£8.59 £7.00

Eco Hedgehog House

An eco friendly and waterproof Hedgehog House. Completely secure with good water proofing and ventil..

£52.00 £49.00

Eco Premier Bird Table

New to our range is the premier eco bird table, this bird table has the added features of the medium..

£126.00 £102.00

Heavy Duty Garden Bench 3 Seater

This is a classicly styled Garden bench, such as that you might see in a park or other public a..

£299.00 £249.00

Hedgehog Snug

A great little Hedgehog House at a low cost. This one has no wooden floor, so is simply placed on th..

£29.00 £25.00

Ripon Bird Table

Over the years, we ike to listen to what our customers have to say, and build our next range of Bird..

£55.00 £48.00

Rustic Timber Roof Bird Table

Part of the new riverside range made by us in Staffordshire, this table has a rather charming wavy w..

£67.99 £61.19

Triple Platform Bird Table

An excellent large and well designed bird table, with three feeding platforms. The main table is 500..

£129.00 £109.99

Verwood Large, Slate Roof Bird Table

We make a lot of our own bird tables, as we can cater for the designs that customers ask us for. The..

£109.99 £99.00
This sturdy squirrel feeder is built to last. Made from solid Redwood timber, the lid has a corros..
Ex Tax: £14.16
Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food is a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balanc..
£8.59 £7.00
Ex Tax: £7.00
Superb value with a wide 32mm to exit and enter from. This bird nest box is a generous size, made of..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Simple lines make this a very contemporary Bird Table,  fitting in with modern gardens or new homes...
Ex Tax: £53.33
The Riverside Gold Hedgehog House is already one of our best sellers, but we thought of a way to imp..
Ex Tax: £49.17