Hedgehog Houses, Boxes, and Feeding Stations

Hedgehog Houses, Boxes, and Feeding Stations

Hedgehog Houses, Boxes, and Feeders. Designed to the highest quality and built for the best standards in Hedgehog care

There's no denying that almost everyone you talk to will love the Garden Hedgehog. They clear slugs and snails, are fascinating to watch, and are regular visitors to most garden. Once you've convinced Hedgehogs to come into your garden, you may want to encourage them to stay and nest.We design and build our Hedgehog Houses and Feeders, following advice from Hedgehog experts. We do our own research, and combine with customer feedback to design high quality Hedgehog Boxes with the emphasis on functionality. The results are some of the best quality houses, boxes, and feeders built with weatherproof timber and fittings.If you wish to encourage hedgehogs into your garden make sure they have easy access. You can then leave saucers of dog/cat food, or hedgehog food made specifically for them. Never feed meal worms or crushed peanuts as they may develop metabolic bone disease.

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Cat Resistant Hedgehog Tunnel

The cat resistant tunnel helps stop the cats disturbing the hedgehogs and entering the hedgehog box.  

Cats tend to like to get through any holes you've made for hedgehogs. This includes houses, boxes, f..

£15.00 £13.50
Ex Tax: £11.25

Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station

A double entrance Hedgehog Feeding Station, made with our new rot-proof  eco friendly roof and feet

We've produced an eco friendly version of one of our more popular Hedgehog Feeding Stations. This is..

£54.00 £48.60
Ex Tax: £40.50

Eco Hedgehog House

Our top selling eco-friendly Hedgehog House, with a recycled eco hinged roof, good ventilation, and excellent internal design

An eco friendly and waterproof Hedgehog House. Completely secure with good water proofing and ventil..

£52.00 £46.80
Ex Tax: £39.00

Feeder Attachment For Hedgehog Houses

This fits to the side of some of our range of Hedgehog Boxes, providing a covered area to place food.

This is an add one for our Riverside Gold Hedgehog Houses, and provides a small covered area at the ..

£15.00 £13.50
Ex Tax: £11.25

Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

Our most popular and newly improved Hedgehog House, with a weatherproof lockable roof, water runoff channels, and big internal dimensions

We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular hedgehog house. This newer model of..

£52.00 £46.80
Ex Tax: £39.00

Hedgehog House Riverside Gold c/w feeder attachment

Our popular Riverside Gold Hedgehog box with a discounted feeder attachment added

The Riverside Gold Hedgehog House is already one of our best sellers, but we thought of a way to imp..

£59.00 £53.10
Ex Tax: £44.25

Hedgehog Snug

 A smaller Hedgehog House at a lower cost, designed to be placed on insulated ground with leaves or similar material.

A great little Hedgehog House at a low cost. This one has no wooden floor, so is simply placed on th..

£29.00 £26.10
Ex Tax: £21.75

Premium Complete Hedgehog Food

New for 2019 is our very own premium hedgehog food, with 55% fresh and dried chicken and 40% more calcium than phosphorus this food is one of the best available, we have priced it at trade prices to encourage everyone to feed their hedgehogs a proper complete food

Take a look at the ingredients and you will see we have not cut any corners on the quality

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA balanced and nutritional complete dry food for hedgehogs, small kibble size id..

£2.30 £2.07
Ex Tax: £2.07

Riverside Golden Brown Hedgehog House Starter Kit

Everything you need in one kit. our popular Riverside Gold Hedgehog Box, along with food, hay, bowls, and a guide.

We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular Hedgehog House, so we've added lots..

£59.99 £53.99
Ex Tax: £44.99

Riverside Hedgehog House

Our standard hedgehog house from which all our other designs arose. Functional and well made, weatherproof, and at a great price.

We've made this functional and simple in order to keep the costs down. This excellent little Hedgeho..

£39.00 £35.10
Ex Tax: £29.25

Hedgehog Care Kit

A selection of items to go with your hedgehog houses. We sell these separately as well as being addons for individual hedgehog boxes.

A comprehensive kit with all the things you need to care and feed your spiky friendsWe offer this sa..

£16.98 £13.49
Ex Tax: £11.24

Hedgehog Eco Feeding Station and Feeding Kit

A complete Hedgehog Feeding Station complete with everything you need such as food, bowls, and more.

Comprehensive hedgehog feeding kitContents 1 x Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog Feeding Station2..

£61.99 £55.79
Ex Tax: £46.49

Hedgehog Feeding Guide by Pat Morris

Hedgehogs have specific dietary requirements. Make sure you're feeding them the right things with this handy guide.

A useful and colourful guide to feeding and caring for hedgehogsGreat for the kids to get involved a..

£3.99 £4.49
Ex Tax: £4.49

Hedgehog Heavy Ceramic Water/Food Bowl

 A simple but good quality water bowl for your Hedgehog visitors.

A great quality and heavy ceramic water bowl ideal for hedgehogs, shallow enough for the them to dri..

£4.98 £4.48
Ex Tax: £3.74

Hedgehog House Starter Kit

New for 2018 is this starter kit, you get the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House plus the all this t..

£46.99 £42.29
Ex Tax: £35.24

Hedgehog Nesting Material

A useful bag of fresh meadow hay, the perfect material for your hedgehogs to nest inPlace a little i..

£0.99 £0.89
Ex Tax: £0.89