Nest Box Cameras

Enjoy watching the birds in your garden with a high-definition bird box camera. Our bird box cameras give you everything you need to watch the birds in your garden. These bird box cameras can be installed in our nest boxes, bird tables, bird baths or bird feeders allowing you to watch your feathered friend from the comfort of your own home. The...

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Riverside Woodcraft Golden Brown Hedgehog House With Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Golden Brown Hedgehog House With Camera Bundle

This could be the best decision you make this year! Do you want to make your garden wildlife-friendly and give a hedgehog a secure home to hibernate in? The Golden...
Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station c/w Camera Bundle

£220.00 – £225.00
This is the perfect gift for any hedgehog lover! Our eco hedgehog feeding station is handmade from solid timber and provides a safe place for hedgehogs to feed and drink. The...
Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

The perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, our eco hedgehog house is a beautiful and practical addition to any garden. This sturdy and heavy-duty hedgehog house is...
Riverside Woodcraft Classic Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Classic Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

The perfect home for your little friend. We've all seen those darling little hedgehogs scurrying around, and now you can provide them with their own special place to live. This...
Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)

Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)

WiFi Connectivity We developed the first bird box camera on the market with built-in WiFi, so you can install the camera in a bird box without running a network cable...
Green Feathers Bird Box Camera TV Cable Connection

Green Feathers Bird Box Camera TV Cable Connection

Tiny camera Measuring just 40mm across, this tiny camera fits perfectly even the smallest garden bird boxes. Watch on your TV To view live footage, simply connect the cable to...
Barn Owl Nest Box with Camera

Barn Owl Nest Box with Camera

All sizes are approximateThe owl boxes are hand made from pine, reclaimed where possible, in a rustic manner, having shingle roofs. Easy access through hole for cleaning. Comes with a...
WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle

WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle

Give your garden birds a warm and inviting place to rest their heads with our stylish and unique alpine nest box. Handcrafted from beautiful solid timbers, this stylish and unique...
Riverside Woodcraft Owl Nest Box c/w Camera

Riverside Woodcraft Owl Nest Box c/w Camera

The Riverside Woodcraft Owl Nest Box is perfect for any owl lover. This beautiful, handcrafted nest box is made from solid timber and can be personalized with your initials or...

Discover Nesting Box Cameras

Bird watching has been a beloved activity for centuries, allowing nature enthusiasts to glimpse the fascinating world of avian behaviours. However, the innovation of bird box cameras has significantly elevated this experience, providing an intimate, discreet view of birds within their nesting environments. A bird box camera, tucked snugly inside a nesting box, offers a unique vantage point to observe birds as they build nests, hatch eggs, and nurture their young. Whether you're a seasoned ornithologist, a teacher inspiring the next generation, or a nature lover, a bird box camera can provide captivating insights and endless enjoyment.

At Riverside Woodcraft, we are driven by a profound appreciation for wildlife and an enduring commitment to quality. Our bird box cameras & kits selection are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless blend of technology with nature. With our cameras, you get a front-row seat to observe bird life and a sturdy, reliable gadget that stands the test of time and weather. Our bird box cameras are designed for easy installation, precise imaging, and real-time monitoring, making wildlife observation accessible and enjoyable.

Our mission is to bring you closer to nature, to experience the joy of bird watching with the added advantage of modern technology. Explore our range of small animal nesting box cameras, each model crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that your journey into the world of birds and hedgehogs is nothing short of extraordinary. In every Riverside Woodcraft bird box camera, you'll find a delicate balance of craftsmanship, technology, and a promise of unparalleled wildlife observation.

Why Choose Our Nest Box Cameras?

Having the right equipment can significantly enrich the experience of observing nature. Our bird box cameras, suitable for all nesting animals, are not just tools but windows to the enchanting world of avian life, designed to bring you closer to nature in the most authentic yet modern way. Here are some compelling reasons why choosing Riverside Woodcraft's bird box cameras is a wise decision:

Night Vision: The secret life of birds doesn't end as the sun sets. Our bird box cameras have robust night vision capabilities, enabling you to observe birds' nesting habits and overnight behaviours even in total darkness. This feature is especially enthralling during nesting seasons, where you can watch the birds nestle in for the night with their fledglings.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: In the age of intelligent technology, staying connected is vital. Our bird box cameras provide Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to monitor the bird box from anywhere using your smartphone or other devices. This wireless feature makes setup a breeze and provides a seamless, real-time streaming experience.

Real-Time Streaming to Phone: Witness the mesmerising lifecycle of birds in real-time. Whether it's a fledgling's first flight or the daily foraging routines, capture every moment as it happens directly on your phone. Our bird box cameras offer a stable and precise connection, ensuring you don't miss a beat of the captivating bird activities.

Types of Bird Box Cameras We Offer

Immerse yourself in the wondrous avian realm from the comfort of your home with Riverside Woodcraft's range of high-quality bird box cameras. Our range is designed to cater to varying preferences and needs, ensuring that every bird enthusiast finds a piece that resonates with their desire for exploration and observation. Below are the types of bird box cameras we offer:

Wireless Bird Box Cameras:

Experience the freedom of cordless operation with our wireless bird box cameras. These cameras offer a hassle-free setup, making them an ideal choice for those looking to avoid the mess of wires. The wireless functionality ensures a clean and neat appearance, blending seamlessly with your garden aesthetics while providing high-definition bird watching.

Nest Box Camera Kits:

Our comprehensive nest box camera kits are perfect for both seasoned bird watchers and novices. These kits contain everything you need to start your birdwatching journey. With easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary accessories included, setting up your bird observatory has never been easier.

Wi-Fi Bird Box Cameras:

Stay connected to the feathered dwellers of your garden with our Wi-Fi bird box cameras. Offering real-time streaming directly to your smartphone or tablet, these cameras enable you to watch birds' daily activities without any lag. Enjoy the modern convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and never miss a moment of the captivating behaviour of birds.

Bird Box Cameras with Night Vision:

Explore the nocturnal activities of birds with our bird box cameras with night vision. The superior night vision technology ensures clear images even in complete darkness, providing a 24/7 window into the lives of your avian visitors. Witness the enchanting nighttime behaviours and enjoy an uninterrupted bird-watching experience day and night.

Customer Reviews for Bird, Hedgehog and Owl Nesting Box with Camera

Here are some heartfelt testimonials and reviews from our delighted customers:

"A Window to Nature's Theater"

"I recently purchased the Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision, which has transformed my garden into a live nature theatre. The clarity, even in pitch darkness, is astounding! Setup was a breeze, and now I can enjoy the birds' nocturnal activities over a cup of tea. Highly recommend!"

Sarah M., Shropshire

"Crystal Clear, Real-Time Birdwatching"

"The Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera from Riverside Woodcraft has taken my birdwatching hobby to a new level. The real-time streaming to my phone is seamless, and the image quality is crisp. It's like having a front-row seat to a natural spectacle."

John D., Staffordshire

"Everything You Need in One Box!"

"I opted for the Deluxe Bird Box Camera Kit and couldn't be happier. It had everything needed for an easy installation. The quality of the camera is superb, and watching the birds go about their day is therapeutic."

Emma L., Warwickshire

Features of Our Nest Box Cameras

At Riverside Woodcraft, we pride ourselves on crafting birdbox cameras that are the epitome of quality and functionality. Here are some standout features of our bird and small animal nesting box cameras that set us apart:

High-definition Imaging:
Capture your feathered visitors' vibrant plumage and delicate behaviours in exquisite detail with our high-definition imaging technology. Each camera lens is finely tuned to deliver crisp, clear images that bring you closer to the natural world, enriching your birdwatching experience.

Easy Installation and Setup:
We understand that ease of use is crucial, so our bird box cameras are designed for simple installation and setup. Whether you choose a wireless bird box camera or a Wi-Fi-enabled model, you'll find the setup process straightforward, ensuring you're up and watching in no time.

Durable and Weather-proof Design:
Bird watching is an all-weather hobby; your camera should be up for the task. Our bird box cameras boast a durable, weather-proof design that matches the UK's varied climate conditions. The robust construction ensures your camera remains operational and practical, come rain or shine.

Real-Time Monitoring on Your Phone:
With our advanced real-time monitoring features, you won't miss a beat of the avian action in your garden. Utilising modern connectivity options, our bird box cameras allow you to stream live footage directly to your phone or other smart devices. Stay connected to the rhythmic dance of wings and chirps anytime, anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

Showcasing Riverside Woodcraft's Collection

Discover a diverse range of bird box cameras designed to cater to every bird enthusiast's unique preferences. Here are some of the star products from our illustrious line-up:

Wireless Night Vision Bird Box Camera: Experience the magic of nighttime avian activities with our Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision. This gadget is meticulously engineered to provide clear black-and-white imagery even in total darkness, ensuring you never miss a moment, day or night.

Wi-Fi Connected Bird Box Camera:

Stay connected with your feathery friends even when you're on the move with our Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera. Stream live video directly to your phone, tablet, or computer, and enjoy the serene and bustling bird life in real time, no matter where you are.

Deluxe Bird Box Camera Kit:

Our Deluxe Bird Box Camera Kit is a bundle of joy for any birdwatcher. It includes a camera for the bird box, a premium nesting box, and all necessary accessories for a quick setup. It's an all-encompassing package bringing the captivating bird world to your living room.

Bird Box Camera To Phone Kit:

Embrace the ease of modern technology with our Bird Box Camera To Phone Kit. This kit enables real-time streaming of bird activities directly to your phone, offering unparalleled convenience and closeness to nature.

Each product in Riverside Woodcraft's collection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the delight of our customers. Our bird box cameras are not just devices; they are windows into the serene and often surprising world of garden birds, capturing the essence of nature in its purest form.

FAQs on Bird Nesting Box Cameras

How easy is it to install the bird box cameras?

Installation of our bird box cameras is straightforwardly designed with user-friendliness in mind. Every camera has a comprehensive installation guide and the necessary fixtures to ensure a hassle-free setup.

Can I watch the live feed on my phone or computer?

Absolutely! Our Wi-Fi Bird Box Cameras enable real-time streaming to your phone or computer. Download the associated app, and you can start enjoying wildlife in the comfort of your home.

What is the range of the wireless bird box camera?

The range may vary, but the Wireless Bird Box Cameras typically range up to 30 meters in open space. Obstructions such as walls may slightly reduce the range.

Can I record the footage for later viewing?

Certainly! With the SD card slot available on most models, you can easily record and store the footage for later viewing.

Are these cameras weather-proof?

Our bird box cameras are designed with durable materials to withstand the UK's weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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