Watch Hedgehogs Live in Your Garden with Our Camera-Equipped Hedgehog Houses

Discover our bestselling Golden Brown Hedgehog House with HD WiFi cameras. Enjoy live streams of hedgehogs in your garden, day or night, directly on your smartphone or tablet.

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Riverside Woodcraft Golden Brown Hedgehog House With Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Golden Brown Hedgehog House With Camera Bundle

This could be the best decision you make this year! Do you want to make your garden wildlife-friendly and give a hedgehog a secure home to hibernate in? The Golden...
Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station c/w Camera Bundle

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Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

The perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, our eco hedgehog house is a beautiful and practical addition to any garden. This sturdy and heavy-duty hedgehog house is...
Riverside Woodcraft Classic Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

Riverside Woodcraft Classic Hedgehog House c/w Camera Bundle

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Hedgehog Observation Equipment

Shop for hedgehog observation products for your garden with our state-of-the-art Hedgehog House with Camera Bundle. At Riverside Woodcraft, we've designed this bundle to bring hedgehogs' hidden lives into view, combining the comfort of our bestselling Golden Brown Hedgehog House with the innovative technology of our HD WiFi cameras.

This unique setup provides a secure and cosy habitat for hedgehogs to thrive. It offers you a live window into their fascinating activities, day and night.

Experience the joy and wonder of watching hedgehogs in their natural behaviours — from foraging to nesting — all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Beyond entertainment, this observation equipment is an invaluable educational tool, deepening your understanding of hedgehog habits and the importance of wildlife conservation in your backyard.

Embrace this opportunity to connect with nature, monitor the wellbeing of your prickly guests, and contribute to preserving these adorable creatures with our Hedgehog House with Camera Bundle.

Why Choose Our Hedgehog House Camera Bundle?

Innovative Technology:

Opt for Riverside Woodcraft's Hedgehog House Bundle and give hedgehogs a sanctuary that marries durability with innovative technology. Our Golden Brown Hedgehog House stands out for its commitment to the environment and the creatures it shelters.

Durability and Comfort:

Crafted from 18mm 100% recycled plastic, the Golden Brown Hedgehog House offers unparalleled year-round protection against the elements. Its robust, water and rot-proof design ensures longevity. At the same time, the insulated roof provides a cosy retreat, keeping hedgehogs cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wildlife Support:

Safety and comfort are paramount in our hedgehog house design. The secure hasp, staple, and carbine hook protect hedgehogs from predators. Minor grooves inside the lid and a specially designed 'porch' roof prevent water ingress and promote airflow, creating a dry and breathable environment conducive to hedgehog hibernation and feeding.

Cutting-Edge Camera Technology

The bundle includes the groundbreaking Green Feathers 3rd Gen WiFi Camera, bringing the hidden lives of hedgehogs into your home. With WiFi connectivity, 1080p HD video, and invisible night vision, this compact camera provides a clear, uninterrupted view of hedgehog activities without disturbance. Its simple setup and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Alexa devices make it easy to start observing immediately.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

"A Window to Nature"
"I am absolutely thrilled with the hedgehog house and camera bundle! It's been a joy watching our hedgehog visitors' nightly adventures. The camera quality is fantastic, offering clear views even at night. It's a must-have for wildlife enthusiasts!"

Emma, Sheffield

"Garden Transformation"

"Riverside Woodcraft has made our garden a haven for hedgehogs. The durable design of the hedgehog house and the easy-to-use camera have made wildlife watching a family favourite activity. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to connect with nature."

David, Cornwall

"Incredible Insight"

"Seeing hedgehogs up close in their natural habitat has been an enlightening experience. The camera setup was straightforward, and the HD footage was remarkable. Providing a safe space for these creatures and observing their behaviours is heartwarming."

Sophie, Norfolk

The Hedgehog House with Camera Details

Designed with eco-consciousness, this model is constructed from 18mm 100% recycled plastic, ensuring a robust, water and rot-proof shelter that stands the test of time. The innovative roof design offers exceptional insulation, maintaining an ideal temperature for hedgehogs throughout the year. Its interior is crafted to prevent water ingress during wet weather, while the secure locking mechanism safeguards against predators. Adding airflow gaps under the 'porch' roof ensures a comfortable and breathable environment, making it an ideal choice for hedgehog hibernation and feeding.

Camera Features:Enhance your wildlife-watching experience with the included Green Feathers 3rd Gen WiFi Camera. This compact device has advanced features to bring you closer to nature. It offers:

WiFi Connectivity: Seamlessly stream high-definition 1080p video directly to your iOS or Android devices, allowing you to watch hedgehogs live without disturbing them.

Night Vision: Invisible infrared LEDs provide clear footage in low-light conditions without disturbing the hedgehogs.

Wide-Angle Lens: The 2.8mm lens captures a broad view within the enclosed space of the hedgehog house, ensuring you don't miss any action.

Audio Capture: Equipped with a built-in microphone to pick up every sound, from the rustling of leaves to the movements of hedgehogs.

MicroSD Card Recording: This device offers the convenience of recording and storing footage, with support for cards up to 128GB (not included).

Compatibility with Alexa: Quickly view live footage on your Echo Show with simple voice commands for an enhanced viewing experience.

Tips for Setting Up Hedgehog Houses:

Hedgehog Behaviors to Observe

Feeding Habits: Watch as hedgehogs forage for food, navigating the terrain with surprising agility. They're particularly active during dusk and dawn.

Nesting and Hibernation: Witness the meticulous process of nest-building, where hedgehogs prepare for rest or hibernation, showcasing their ability to create cosy, insulated environments.

Provide Food and Water: Supplement their diet with hedgehog-friendly food and a shallow water dish to attract them to your garden and keep them coming back.

Install the Hedgehog House: Place the house in a quiet, sheltered part of your garden, hidden away from frequent human activity. Filling it with leaves or straw can make it more inviting.

Transform Your Garden into a Wildlife Haven

Unlock the secret lives of hedgehogs right in your own backyard with our Hedgehog House Bundle, equipped with a state-of-the-art HD camera. Riverside Woodcraft invites you to bring the magic of nature closer to home, offering you a front-row seat to the fascinating world of these charming creatures.

Embrace the opportunity to observe, learn, and contribute to hedgehogs' well-being while transforming your garden into a thriving wildlife sanctuary. Our bundle is designed for easy setup, eco-friendly living, and unparalleled hedgehog observation.
Take advantage of the chance to connect with nature in a new way. Purchase your Hedgehog House Bundle today and enjoy the captivating activities of hedgehogs living in your garden.


FAQs About Hedgehog House Camera Bundles

Dive into our most frequently asked questions about the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House Bundles, covering care, maintenance, camera setup, and tips for attracting hedgehogs to your garden.
How do I set up the hedgehog house and camera?

Position the hedgehog house in a quiet, sheltered spot in your garden, preferably against a wall or fence with the entrance facing away from direct wind. The camera setup is straightforward; connect it to your WiFi network following the simple instructions provided, and mount it inside the house using the corner bracket for the best view.

What maintenance does the hedgehog house require?

Minimal maintenance is needed. It is recommended that the house be checked annually for damage and that old nesting materials be cleared out outside breeding season. The house's durable materials ensure longevity without frequent maintenance.

How can I attract hedgehogs to the new house?

Leave out fresh water and hedgehog-friendly food near the house to entice them. Keep your garden's natural areas undisturbed to provide a welcoming habitat, and ensure there's easy access into your garden with small gaps in fences or gates.

Is the camera weatherproof?

The camera is designed for use in enclosed spaces like our hedgehog house, protecting it from direct exposure to harsh weather conditions. Its compact design and mounting bracket ensure it stays secure and dry within the house.

Can I watch the camera feed on my smartphone?

Our Green Feathers camera allows live streaming directly to your iOS or Android devices through our official app. Enjoy watching the hedgehogs in your garden from anywhere at any time.

Are the materials safe for hedgehogs and the environment?

Absolutely. The hedgehog house is made from eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic and treated solid timber with wildlife-safe wood preserve, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for hedgehogs.

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