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A collection of accessories that are perfect for looking after Hedgehogs. We stock Hedgehog food, bedding, bowls and more!

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Hedgehog Nesting Material 2kg

Hedgehog Nesting Material 2kg

Introducing our premium Hedgehog Nesting Material – now available in two fantastic options to cater to the diverse needs of our spiky friends: dust-extracted meadow hay and dust-extracted golden barley...
Riverside Woodcraft Premium Complete Hedgehog Food

Riverside Woodcraft Premium Complete Hedgehog Food

£16.99 – £73.99
Introducing Riverside Woodcraft's Premium Complete Hedgehog Food.   Stock Arriving  May 2024 Food available on a preorder only.   This complete dry food is perfect for hedgehogs of all sizes....
Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

A must-have for your garden wildlife! Do you have hedgehogs visiting your garden at night? This feeding bowl is the perfect way to help them get their grub on. It's...
Hedgehog Highway
Single Hedgehog HighwaySet of 2 Hedgehog Highways

Hedgehog Highway

£11.99 – £21.99
Our Hedgehog Highway is the ultimate solution to create a safe and seamless passage way between gardens, allowing Hedgehogs to roam freely each night whilst they forage for food. Crafted from...
Wildlife World Boxwell - Ground Feeder & Drinker

Wildlife World Boxwell - Ground Feeder & Drinker

Introducing the Wildlife World Boxwell - Ground Feeder & Drinker. This unique bird feeder is perfect for your backyard. The vintage-inspired design is perfect for any farmhouse-themed garden. The Boxwell...
Calm & Clean Antibacterial Spray 100% Natural

Calm & Clean Antibacterial Spray 100% Natural

Calm and Clean contains 100% natural ingredients to keep your small animals healthy and their home environment hygienic with no lingering chemical odours to unsettle them. Extracts of camomile and...
Hedge Hugs Hedgehog Couple Ornament

Hedge Hugs Hedgehog Couple Ornament

This Hedgehog Couple ornament shows a loving embrace between two resin hedgehogs. A great representation of love and relationships, making it a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day...
Hedgehog Family Ornament

Hedgehog Family Ornament

This Hedgehog Family ornament shows a loving embrace between two parent hedgehogs and their baby. A sweet representation of love and family, making it a perfect gift for growing families....
Hedgehog Crossing

Hedgehog Crossing

Hedgehog Crossing enables garden connectivity for hedgehog survival. This tunnel is used to strengthen & reinforce your garden fence after cutting a hole. This allows free passage of hedgehogs to...
Happy Hoglet Mother and Baby Hedgehog Ornament

Happy Hoglet Mother and Baby Hedgehog Ornament

This Mother and Baby Hedgehog ornament show a loving cuddle between a mother and baby. A sweet representation of the bond between mother and child, making it a perfect gift...
Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)

Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)

WiFi Connectivity We developed the first bird box camera on the market with built-in WiFi, so you can install the camera in a bird box without running a network cable...

Introduction to Hedgehog Care: Beyond Shelter to Accessories

With their endearing spiky exteriors and curious nature, Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular in gardens across the UK. But ensuring their well-being goes beyond just providing them a home; it's about equipping that home with the right tools and accessories. From feeding to safety, quality hedgehog accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the comfort and care of these nocturnal creatures.

At Riverside Woodcraft, we recognise the essential bond between a hedgehog and its habitat. Our passion isn't merely to shelter them but to accentuate that shelter with the finest accessories. Our commitment is unwavering – to offer top-quality hedgehog accessories in the UK.

Whether caring for a common hedgehog or seeking the perfect pygmy hedgehog accessories, our curated range ensures that every hedgehog feels right at home, complemented by the best care tools available.

The Advantages of Premium Accessories

Every creature deserves a touch of comfort, and hedgehogs are no exception. Providing them with the best hedgehog accessories ensures they survive and thrive in their environments. From suitable feeding bowls to cosy hideouts, these accessories mimic the natural habitat of hedgehogs, allowing them to lead a more active, healthy, and stress-free life.

Safety and Security: More than Just Shelter:

Hedgehogs face numerous threats, from predators to harsh weather conditions. Offering them a house is just the start. Quality hedgehog house accessories bolster this security. For instance, feeders designed to keep food clean deter pests, while cameras allow owners to monitor hedgehog activities, ensuring their safety.

Beautifying and Functional Enhancement of Hedgehog Spaces:

While the primary aim is the well-being of the hedgehogs, their spaces can only add charm to your garden or backyard. Quality hedgehog accessories in the UK offered by Riverside Woodcraft seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether it's an ornately designed hedgehog ornament or a sleek, modern feeder, these accessories accentuate the beauty of hedgehog habitats.

Hedgehog Product Range

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl:
Riverside Woodcraft's Hedgehog Feeding Bowl is crafted meticulously to suit the eating habits of these spiky friends. Designed to be stable and easy to clean, especially for those caring for smaller breeds, making it a must-have among pygmy hedgehog accessories.

Hedgehog Ornaments:
Our ornaments resonate with aesthetic appeal and elevate the ambience of any hedgehog habitat. As a focal point or a subtle addition, they seamlessly blend in, enhancing the charm of any collection of hedgehog home accessories.

Wi-Fi Bird Box with Camera (For Hedgehogs):
Riverside Woodcraft presents the Wi-Fi Bird Box with a Camera uniquely adapted for hedgehogs. This ingenious accessory allows caregivers to monitor hedgehogs in real-time.

Hedgehog Ground Feeder:
Feeding hedgehogs requires more than just providing food; it's about ensuring cleanliness and safety. Our hedgehog ground feeder is designed to keep food uncontaminated from garden debris, allowing hedgehogs to dine in a clean environment.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Different Hedgehog Types

Understanding their specific needs is paramount when providing care and creating a suitable environment for hedgehogs. Just as there are differences between various dog or cat breeds, hedgehog types also have unique requirements. The distinction between common hedgehogs and their tinier counterparts, the pygmy hedgehogs, is noteworthy.

Common Hedgehogs:

These are the hedgehogs most people are familiar with, often found wandering our gardens and parks. Due to their larger size and robust nature, they require sturdier and more spacious accessories. Items like the Hedgehog Ground Feeder and the spacious Hedgehog Drinker from Riverside Woodcraft cater to their needs, ensuring they have ample space to eat and drink comfortably.

Pygmy Hedgehogs

With their small stature and delicate habits, these petite creatures require more specialised care. Every accessory must be proportionate to their size, from their feeding bowl to their home. Given its design and size, our Hedgehog Feeding Bowl is particularly recommended as a staple among pygmy hedgehog accessories. Their diminutive size also makes it essential to monitor them more closely, and the Wi-Fi Bird Box with Camera is an invaluable tool in this aspect.

At Riverside Woodcraft, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best hedgehog accessory ranges in the UK. Our products are not just about serving a function; they're about ensuring that the function is tailored to the specific needs of each hedgehog type. Our commitment is to provide superior quality and design, ensuring that every hedgehog, common or pygmy, receives the care and comfort it deserves.

Why Choose Riverside Woodcraft?

Riverside Woodcraft is a beacon of dedication, quality, and authenticity in the hedgehog care and accessories world. But what truly sets us apart from the crowd? Let's delve into the hallmarks of our brand that make us a preferred choice for hedgehog enthusiasts across the UK.

Handmade Quality and Craftsmanship:

Every product with the Riverside Woodcraft name is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Our items aren't mass-produced; they're lovingly handmade, ensuring each piece meets our stringent quality standards. From the fine finishes on our hedgehog ornaments to the sturdy build of our drinker, our commitment to handmade excellence shines through, making our collection among the best hedgehog accessories in the UK.

Commitment to Wildlife Well-being:

Our passion extends beyond creating products. At Riverside Woodcraft, we genuinely care about the well-being of our wildlife. This dedication is reflected in our accessories' thoughtful design and functionality, ensuring not just the comfort but also the safety and health of hedgehogs. Whether you're seeking hedgehog home accessories or essentials for feeding, you're choosing a brand that places wildlife welfare at the forefront.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

At Riverside Woodcraft, our commitment to quality and the well-being of wildlife is evident in our product range. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what our loyal customers have to say about their experiences with our hedgehog accessories:

"I recently purchased a hedgehog feeding bowl and drinker from Riverside Woodcraft, and they are by far the best hedgehog accessories I've come across in the UK. The quality is exceptional, and it's evident that a lot of thought has gone into the design. Truly worth every penny!"

Jess from Oxford:

"The Wi-Fi Bird Box with Camera is an ingenious accessory! Not only is it ideal for birds, but I've set one up for my pygmy hedgehog, and it's been a revelation. Watching my little friend in real time has been a joy. Kudos to Riverside Woodcraft for such innovative hedgehog home accessories."

Liam from Liverpool:

"I've always been keen on supporting local, UK-based businesses, and Riverside Woodcraft didn't disappoint. Their hedgehog ornaments charm my garden, and knowing they're handmade makes them even more special. A big thumbs up for their craftsmanship!"

Sally from Leeds

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Your hedgehogs deserve nothing but the best. Equip their habitat with accessories that prioritise their well-being and enrich their environment. Equip your hedgehog habitat with the finest. Browse Riverside Woodcraft's collection and discover the best hedgehog house accessories online!

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FAQs about Riverside Woodcraft's Hedgehog Accessories:

Are Riverside Woodcraft's hedgehog accessories compatible with both common and pygmy hedgehogs?

Absolutely! Our range of products, from feeding bowls to ornaments, are designed to be versatile and suitable for both common and pygmy hedgehogs. Each product description also provides additional details on compatibility.

Do the hedgehog accessories require any specific installation?

Most of our accessories, like the hedgehog feeding bowl and drinker, are easy to place and don't require any specific installation. However, a simple setup might be needed for items like the Wi-Fi Bird Box with Camera. Comprehensive instructions are provided with each product.

How do I maintain and clean the hedgehog accessories?

Maintenance varies by product. Generally, items like feeders and drinkers should be cleaned regularly with warm, soapy water to ensure hygiene. Refer to the product manual or our website for specific care instructions on other accessories.

Are the materials used in the hedgehog accessories safe for hedgehogs?

Absolutely. At Riverside Woodcraft, the well-being of wildlife is paramount. All our hedgehog accessories are crafted using eco-friendly and safe materials, ensuring no harm to your prickly pals.

Can I use the Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera for hedgehogs all year round?

Yes, the Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for year-round use. It's an excellent tool to observe and ensure the safety of hedgehogs during different seasons.

Do you ship your hedgehog accessories UK-wide?

Yes, we proudly ship our products all across the UK. We're dedicated to making our best hedgehog accessories available to every enthusiast nationwide.

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