Hedgehog Houses

Our hedgehog houses are made from wood and recycled plastic. We use recycled plastic for the roof of the house, making our products very insulated during the winter and summer months. Our hedgehog houses have a 20mm solid timber frame and build and an angled design to allow water to run off the house. All our hedgehog houses are supplied with...

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The Crucial Role of Hedgehog Houses in Wildlife Conservation

In recent years, the UK has observed a concerning decline in its hedgehog population. These nocturnal creatures, once commonplace in our gardens, are now finding it increasingly challenging to locate safe spaces amidst rapidly urbanising landscapes.

Providing hedgehog houses becomes more than just a garden accessory; it's an essential initiative to protect and nurture these endearing wildlife staples.

At Riverside Woodcraft, we've always believed in harmonising our craftsmanship with nature's well-being. We've meticulously designed our range of wooden hedgehog houses to recognise the pressing need to assist these gentle creatures.

Our commitment isn't just to offer hedgehog houses for sale but to ensure they reflect our deep-rooted dedication to wildlife conservation.

Crafted with precision, each house aims to offer hedgehogs a refuge from external threats and the elements while seamlessly blending with your garden's aesthetics.

By choosing Riverside Woodcraft, you're enhancing your garden and actively participating in a movement to safeguard the future of hedgehogs in the UK.

Why a Hedgehog House is a Must-have for Every UK Garden

Natural Pest Control:

Hedgehogs are nature's diligent gardeners. Giving them home also invites a natural form of pest control. They help manage the population of bugs, slugs, and other garden pests, reducing the need for chemical solutions.

Boosting Hedgehog Populations:

With the declining numbers of hedgehogs across the UK, providing a safe haven in the form of hedgehog houses can help in their conservation efforts. By establishing secure spots for them to nest, you're directly contributing to their survival and growth.

Adding a Wildlife Feature to Your Garden:

Our handmade, Staffordshire-crafted hedgehog houses for sale aren't just functional but also aesthetic marvels. Made from sustainably sourced materials, they add a unique wildlife touch to any garden setting.

Offering Safety from Predators:

Safety is paramount. At Riverside Woodcraft, we've incorporated features like lockable lids in our wooden hedgehog houses to prevent predators from gaining access.

Quality and Durability:

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each house boasts excellent ventilation, ensuring a fresh environment that prevents condensation and mould formation. This airflow is vital for the hedgehog's health and comfort.

Perfect Hedgehog House

Our hedgehog houses also come equipped with 100% recycled plastic roofs. Not only is this an eco-friendly choice, but these roofs also offer superb insulation: they remain cool during summer and warm in the colder months. And, with all our products crafted right here in the UK, in Staffordshire, you're genuinely receiving a homegrown solution built with care and expertise.

What Our Customers Say About Our Wooden Hedgehog Houses

"When searching for wooden hedgehog houses for sale in the UK, Riverside Woodcraft stood out with its impressive range. I purchased the Classic Wooden Hedgehog Retreat a few months ago, and the quality is outstanding. It's become a cherished feature in my garden, and I love knowing I'm doing my bit to help our spiky friends."

Jane, Oxford.

"I've always been keen on supporting local artisans. The handmade craftsmanship of the Riverside Woodcraft hedgehog houses is genuinely remarkable. It's not just a house but a piece of art. The design is intuitive, and my hedgehogs took to it immediately!"

Lee, Manchester.

"I came across Riverside Woodcraft while browsing hedgehog houses for sale online. Decided to give it a try, and I haven't been disappointed. The quality, the aesthetics, and the thought that went into the safety features — everything is top-notch. Highly recommended!"

Sophie, Cardiff.

Why Choose Riverside Woodcraft's Hedgehog Houses?

Handmade Craftsmanship:

At Riverside Woodcraft, every hedgehog house is a testament to our unparalleled craftsmanship. Made meticulously by hand in Staffordshire, UK, each piece resonates with dedication and precision. When you choose our hedgehog houses, you're not just buying a product but embracing an artisanal legacy that stands for superior quality and robust construction.

Eco-friendly Materials:

In our commitment to nature, we ensure our footprint is green. Our wooden hedgehog houses are crafted from sustainably sourced materials, echoing our pledge to the environment. The roofs, made from 100% recycled plastic, are durable and represent our continuous strive towards ecological responsibility.

Designed for Hedgehog Safety:

The safety of these endearing creatures is paramount to us. Our houses have features such as escape routes, ensuring a quick exit during potential threats. Comprehensive ventilation around each house guarantees excellent airflow, preventing condensation and mould build-up and offering a healthy hedgehog environment. Add the lockable lids, internal baffles, and a fortress safeguarding them from nature's whims and predatory dangers.

Aesthetic Value:

Beauty and function marry seamlessly in our designs. While they stand as protective havens for hedgehogs, our houses also serve as elegant additions to garden spaces. Their refined aesthetics, combined with the natural texture of wood, make them an attractive yet understated feature that complements and enhances garden beauty.

Tips for Setting Up Hedgehog Houses:

Ideal Placement:

Position your wooden hedgehog house in a quiet spot, preferably against a fence or wall. This offers added protection.

The Perfect Bedding:

Add a layer of leaves, straw, or hay inside the hedgehog house. These natural materials not only make the interior cosy but are familiar to hedgehogs, enticing them to take residence.

Keeping the Entrance Clear:

Ensure that the house's entrance, especially in wooden hedgehog houses, is free from obstructions.

Regular Cleaning:

Maintaining cleanliness is essential for the hedgehog's health. Check the house annually, ideally during spring when it's vacant. Clean out old bedding and any debris, ensuring your hedgehog houses for sale online remain a hygienic sanctuary.

Monitoring and Safety:

Ensure regular checks, especially during the first few weeks, to ensure larger predators aren't frequenting the spot. Our hedgehog houses have features to deter such threats, but vigilance is always beneficial.

Ready to offer a sanctuary for garden hedgehogs?

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FAQs about Riverside Woodcraft's Hedgehog Houses

How do I install my Riverside Woodcraft hedgehog house in the garden?

Installation is straightforward. Choose a quiet spot shielded from strong winds, preferably against a wall or fence. Ensure the entrance faces south or east to avoid the prevailing weather. Place leaves or straw inside as bedding and cover the top with leaves or a light layer of soil to camouflage it.

How often should I maintain and clean the hedgehog house?

Maintenance is minimal. Once a year, usually before spring, check and clean the house if it's vacant. Remove old bedding and replace it with fresh leaves or straws. Our durable wooden hedgehog houses are designed to withstand the UK's varied weather conditions.

Are these houses suitable for hedgehogs of all sizes?

Yes, our houses cater to hedgehogs of different sizes. The entrance is designed to allow easy access for adult hedgehogs while deterring larger predators. The spacious interiors ensure comfortable movement and nesting.

What are the shipping options available?

We offer standard and express shipping across the UK. Every hedgehog house for sale online on our platform is carefully packaged to reach you in pristine condition. Please refer to our Shipping Policy page for more specific shipping details or international queries.

Can I use the hedgehog house all year round?

Absolutely! Our houses are constructed to be sturdy and weather-resistant, making them perfect for all seasons. The recycled plastic roofs ensure proper insulation, keeping the house warm in winter and cool during summer months.

Are these houses cat and fox-proof?

Our design includes features such as lockable lids and internal baffles, which deter larger animals like cats and foxes from disturbing the hedgehog residents. Your garden hedgehogs will find a safe and peaceful sanctuary inside.

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