Nest Boxes & Habitats

Nest Boxes & Habitats

Riverside Woodcraft supply a range of different Garden and Wild Bird Nest Boxes in various styles. We manufacture all ourselves on site. Bird Boxes arent just for wild birds that you see in woodland or scrub, and they're not just for attaching to trees. Many Bird nest boxes are now being added to houses, gardens, sheds, garages or under the eaves (for house martins), giving your garden birds somewhere to nest. Its also a good idea to place them within sight of your Bird Tables for a good source of food. Some of the more wild birds can also be coaxed into your gardens by the presence of the Nest Box.

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Alpine Garden Open Nest Box

This is a great looking Bird Nest Box at a superb price, and a real treat for the veterans of wild b..

£16.00 £14.40
Ex Tax: £12.00

Alpine Nest Box

This is a great looking Bird Nest Box at a superb price, and a real treat for the veterans of wild b..

£16.00 £14.40
Ex Tax: £12.00

Bat roosting box x 1

This is one of our handmade bat boxes, and comes untreated only as bats are delicate creatures, and ..

Ex Tax: £12.50

Bat roosting boxes x 3

To encourage customers to purchase bat boxes in sets of 3 we have discounted this set. Having three..

Ex Tax: £32.50

Blackbird Nest Box

This box is made from our usual solid redwood and is bigger than the robin box allowing blackbirds a..

Ex Tax: £15.83

Bumble Bee Box

Designed for a nest of bees this box made from solid wood is designed to attract the bumble bee to y..

Ex Tax: £15.83

Dormouse nest box Riverside

A Nest Box for a dormouse iss very similar to a Bird Nest Box , but with a difference, in that the m..

Ex Tax: £18.33

Multi Species Bird Nest Box

Superb value with a wide 32mm to exit and enter from. This bird nest box is a generous size, made of..

Ex Tax: £13.33

Owl nesting box

Made by us from solid timber this box is heavy and well made, this one is waxed on the outside and t..

£29.00 £27.60
Ex Tax: £23.00

Robin Nest Box

This is a great little Rbin Nest Box, specifically designed for a Robins size and nesting requiremen..

Ex Tax: £13.33

Squirrel Feeder - RS

This sturdy squirrel feeder is built to last. Made from solid Redwood timber, the lid has a corrosio..

Ex Tax: £14.16

Starling Nest Box

Our own design of Starling Nesting Box, made from solid redwood unlike some of the competitors nest ..

Ex Tax: £15.83

Woodcraft Sparrow Bird Nest Box

This is a larger Bird Nest Box, designed mainly to attract sparrows as these birds prefer to nest in..

Ex Tax: £24.17

Tawny/Barn Owl Nest Box

New for 2018 is this solid heavy duty tawny owl nest box 900cm high c/w solid wooden perch it w..

Ex Tax: £74.17