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An eco friendly and waterproof Hedgehog House. Completely secure with good water proofing and ventilation

We've added an Eco friendly roof to this Hedgehog House, made of 18mm composite recycled materials, which has the added benefit of being completely waterproof and rot proof. This lid is hinged and lockable.   Hedgehogs may use this box for hibernation amongst other things, so you may well find it in use all year round. 

The entrance is of a staggered design, making it hard for larger mammals or unwanted visitors to gain entrance. We've also added a sloping roof for water drainage, along with additional grooves on top of the side panels. A 3mm gap along the front provides all important venitlation for the hedgehogs (we find that holes often get clogged up, so we instead use a long narrow opening under the roof)

  • Thick solid wood sides for better insulation
  • 18mm solid recycled plastic eco roof, fully waterproof
  • Hinged roof makes it easy to clean and check on the visitors
  • Lock ensures it stays safe and secure from strong winds and predators
  • Staggered baffle entrance making it hard for any predators to gain access
  • Gentle sloping roof ensures water drains of quickly
  • Underside grooves to stop water getting into the house
  • All parts are torx screwed together making it a very strong and well built home
  • Small airflow gap at the front of the hedgehog house.

Its hard to tell when looking online what you are going to get, don't confuse this with other imported models on the market, this is a hand made, solid and strong hedgehog house made in the UK

Entrance Hole Dimensions 120 x 120mm (H x W)
Hedgehog House Dimensions 235 x 500 x 375mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Roof) 255 x 580 x 450mm (H x W x D)
Can you tell me the difference between the Eco Friendly Hedgehog House and the Riverside Gold Hedgehog House please. I can see that they have different access points but not sure which one to buy. I already have the Riverside Gold Hedgehog House along with two of your feeding stations and find feeding stations used every night and hedgehog house very popular. I will probably buy another Riverside Gold house but would be interested to know about the Eco house. Thank you. ( Esther Fleming )


The difference between the Golden Brown Hedgehog House and Eco Hedgehog House is the entrance, the Gold has a front entrance and the Eco has a side entrance the dimensions are all the same. 

( Riverside Woodcraft )
Hi, I absolutely fell in love with your hedgehog houses. But I live in Belgium. Do you ship to Belgium? Kind regards, Hilde ( Hilde Melders )
Yes we can, delivery is bit more though at £25 on 3 to 4 day service, please email me if you wish to order and we can arrange payment etc online with you ( Ricky )
What is the delivery time for the Eco Hedgehog House. ( Peter McDermott )
Currently 2 to 3 days ( Ricky )
I bought one of your hedgehog tunnels for this model do we have to take off the piece of wood just over the door to fit the tunnel on? ( Helen )
You should be OK leaving it on ( admin )
Dimensions of a lot of other models (including on hedgehog web sites) appear to have 300 mm as a recognized standard height, whereas yours are about 260/270 mm. Is there any reason for this? ( Chris )
Hedgehog houses vary according to who is making them and there are not hard set rules for any wildlife habitats, if you speak to one society they will insiust on one size and design , where as another will be different. What we tend to do is use elements of common sense and then using the materials available design a suitable habitat. The important thing to remember about hedgehog houses is the entrance size and ventialtion, providing the house has good ventialtion and the entrance is around 120mm x 120mm then it should be fine. If the hedgehog can walk through the entrance at 120mm high and have enough height after that to walk around and bed in it should be OK, if you go to high then you make it easier for cats and foxes to get into the house and hardere to keep warm in winter, its a fine balance ( admin )
When I read about making hedgehog houses, they usually advice to drill a hole for a breathing hole to aid ventilation. What's your take on this as I notice none of yours have any. Are they needed? I've read it helps reduce condensation inside the box from the hogs breathing.
( Adrian )
You are correct they do need good ventilation, we find holes are not very good and get blocked easily by mud and leaves, our houses have a 3mm gap at the front of the lid all the way along, this reduces condensation and allows a good air flow inside the house ( admin )
Hi. I'm not sure wether to go for the gold or eco - I hope it to be used for hibernation and breeding. Also is adding straw a benefit, I thought I read they would always bring their own bedding (same as me when going self-catering!)? ( Deborah )
Both the gold and eco are suitable for hibernation, the gold is the best seller if that helps although both are similar in size
Yes you can put some bedding in bits of old grass, leaves and twigs from your garden (if there nesting in your garden) hedgehogs like the surrounding smells there used to, to nest in but remember hedgehogs like to make there own nest/ bedding area so don't put too much in for them also make sure you wear gloves as hedgehogs don't like different smells such as human smell on their bedding.

( admin )
Is the hedgehog eco house made from FSC untreated timber, and not treated in any way by you / the manufacturers?

( Simon White )
Hi Simon,

Yes its FSC timber

We do treat it with a wood preserve which is OK for hedgehogs amd other wildlfie

You can have it untreated if you wish just specify on your order

Many Thanks

Ricky ( admin )

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Eco Hedgehog House

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