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We've produced an eco friendly version of one of our more popular Hedgehog Feeding Stations. This is a purpose designed feeding station into which we've added some innovative features to help keep the food dry, the hedgehog safe, and to minimise the chances of food being stolen by other unwanted animals.

  • Two entrances, each with its own staggered baffle entrance, making entry by uninvited guests unlikely
  • Our new recycled eco roof, fully waterproof
  • Recycled eco wide feet giving a rot proof floor on the entrances
  • Open floor design in the feeding area making it easier to keep clean, simply move it to another location or just clean under it and put it back on the same spot
  • Hinged wooden stay making it easy to keep the lid open while to put the food and water in
  • Hinged eco roof with underside grooves to keep out the rain
  • Lock to stop other garden visitors taking the food
  • Place newspaper inside the feeding area and replace newspaper daily to stop spread of germs between hedge hogs

Entrance Hole Dimensions 120 x 120mm (H x W)
Hedgehog House Dimensions 215 x 700 x 340mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Roof) 230 x 800 x 400mm (H x W x D)
I am looking for a feeding station but the one you have seems a bit to big for the area that I have, do you do anything a little smaller, or can you advise on what would be the best items to use a a feeding station.


( Angela )
I wo ld. Suggest you go for the eco hedgehog house and use it as a feeder ( Ricky )
How many hedgehogs can fit into the feeder at the same time? We sometimes have three hogs feeding simultaneously... ( Helen )
3 or 4 can fit it but they dont like feeding together, hence the 2 entrances, 1 goes in 1 comes out ( Ricky )
Can the cat resistant tunnel be attached to this feeding station? I am using plastic boxes with a straight plastic tunnel at the moment and one particular cat in our area is constantly getting in and eating food. I already have three hedgehog houses but plan to upgrade them this year. I particularly like your houses as lid lifts for easy cleaning. ( Esther Fleming )
Yes no problem it will fit on all of our hedgehog houses and the feeder ( Ricky )
Can this be staked down ? I have trail cam footage of a fox flipping our current feeder over and eating the hedgehog food..

( Len )

Yes this can happen where foxes are around in the garden, the adults are quite clever and strong enough to do this

Open the feeder and look inside where the eco recycled plastic feet/floors are each side of the feeding area

Drill 4 holes, 1 in each corner of the feeder, about 5 to 6mm in diameter

Now tap in 4 pegs, tent pegs will be perfect, into the soft ground below

This should stop the fox fron tipping it over in the future

This is a little bit cheeky, I already have one of your feeding stations and up until the weekend, 4 houses which are all occupied. At the weekend I found a little fellow wrapped in a bit of hay between the garage wall and Nigel's house (Nigel was our first hog) and have ordered him a house already, but we are due to go on holiday next month, and I need to purchase another 3 Feeding Stations to ensure these beautiful creatures are looked after while we were away. I was wondering if there would be any chance of a discount for purchasing 3 stations at once? ( Alicia )
No problem, we can offer then at £45 each if you order in one go, just give us a ring to order 01827 250410 ( Ricky )
hello, you can send me eco feeding station in France yes or no thank you for your answer well regards ( Nadia )
We struggle to send out goods abroad due to the carriage costs and potential claims for lost goods in transit
I have four next door cats who have been used to crawling down tunnels and twisting round u bends and manoevering around bamboo sticks placed in front of hog feeder enterance. They reallly are the nijay food stealers of the hedgehog world. Can you guarantee me cats can't get in? Iwill happily pay £47 if it foils the cats, Can I return it for a refund if they can get in?
I have a trail camera for evidence. If next doors cats can't get in then no cat can. You can use my quote as advertising.

Mary Jacobs
( Mary Jacobs )

This is a real problem with so many customers and to be honest its difficult for us to say yes this feeder is completely cat proof as cats come in different sizes and some are just plain greedy and will always try to get a free lunch, we do our best to make this feeder cat proof but would not be able to take it back if it was used

Hi there,

How quickly could you send one of these out to me? My current feeding station broke this morning (not one of yours) and I'm struggling with a dodgy plastic box right now!

We have a LOT of hedgehogs, but we get foxes and other predators too, so I don't like just leaving food out! I will eventually want to replace my other feeding station too, but thankfully that won't be an emergency! I hope!!

Many thanks.

Gemma J
( Gemma J )
Hi Gemma, I have one in stock do you wish to collect or a delivery for Tuesday ( admin )

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Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station

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