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Discover the charm of nature right outside your window. Our range of expertly crafted bird feeders is designed to attract diverse bird species while complementing your garden's aesthetics. Riverside Woodcraft has everything if you're looking for the best bird feeders in the UK or unique wooden bird tables. Dive into our collection and find the perfect feeder for your feathered...

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Importance of bird feeders

Bird feeders have become more than just an accessory for gardens; they are vital in nurturing and promoting wildlife well-being. These structures provide a refuge for birds, particularly when food is scarce, and play a pivotal role in preserving the intricate balance of our ecosystem.

Bird feeders cater to various species, from the tiny ones seeking bird feeders for small birds to those that prefer sturdy, heavy-duty wooden bird tables.

However, with the many options available, how does one select the best bird feeders in the UK? Enter Riverside Woodcraft, a beacon of tradition and craftsmanship in this niche.

For years, we have combined the essence of artisanal skills with the demands of modern bird care, producing an array of products - from the uniquely crafted unusual bird feeders the UK loves to the steadfast squirrel-proof bird feeders and elegant wooden bird tables.

Why Riverside Woodcraft's bird feeders stand out 

Here's why Riverside Woodcraft's offerings are celebrated as some of the best bird feeders in the UK:

Quality Beyond Compare: We meticulously select premium materials, ensuring a long-lasting life for the bird feeders and an aesthetic charm that beautifies any garden. This is particularly evident in our heavy-duty wooden bird tables.

Unparalleled Designs for All: Our range caters to everyone. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Our unusual bird feeders collection is bound to captivate with its unique designs. We have it all for those seeking specific solutions, whether it's a plastic window bird feeder station that serves multiple birds or bird feeders for small birds. 

Handcrafted Excellence: Riverside Woodcraft takes immense pride in its handcrafted approach. Every bird feeder and table in the UK we offer is shaped with hands familiar with tradition and techniques honed over the years. This ensures unparalleled durability and that each piece of our bird feeders functions optimally, offering sanctuary and sustenance to our feathered visitors.

Types of bird feeders we offer 

Selecting the right bird feeder

A suitable bird feeder becomes crucial with the diverse bird species that grace our gardens, each with unique feeding habits and preferences. Riverside Woodcraft is proud to offer a curated selection of bird feeders, each handcrafted with passion and precision, making us a prime choice for the best bird feeders in the UK. Explore our range:

Hanging bird feeders

A staple for many gardens, our hanging bird feeders blend functionality with style effortlessly. Whether you're looking to attract finches, sparrows, or tits, these feeders serve as an aerial diner, ensuring your avian guests get their fill while staying safe from ground predators. Crafted from robust materials, they quickly rank among the top wooden bird feeding stations.

Platform bird feeders

For those who prefer a panoramic view of their feathered friends feeding, our platform bird feeders are a dream come true. These open-designed feeders, often seen as elevated bird tables and bird benches, cater to a wide range of birds. Their sturdy build, especially our heavy duty wooden bird feeders, ensures they withstand the rigours of British weather.

Window bird feeders

Witness the magic up close with our window bird feeders. These innovative designs allow for intimate bird watching, letting you study behaviours, plumages, and feeding habits without intruding on their space. Particularly favoured for spaces like flats or urban areas, they're among the most unusual UK bird feeders.

Benefits of our bird feeders

Encouraging Diverse Bird Species: Our feeders, from bird feeder stations to specialised bird feeders for small birds, are thoughtfully designed to attract many bird species. Whether the charming chaffinch or the elusive goldfinch, our feeders ensure a regular parade of feathered guests in your garden.

Weather-Resistant Designs: The unpredictable British weather demands resilience. Our wooden bird tables and feeders are aesthetically pleasing and built to withstand the elements. Crafted from durable materials, they promise longevity, making them the heavy duty wooden bird tables you've been searching for.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Production Methods: We champion eco-conscious practices, using sustainably sourced wood for our feeders. Our unusual bird feeders not only stand out for their designs but also for their minimal environmental footprint.

Where should I install my bird feeder?

Efficient Setup: Positioning is everything. Choose a quiet and safe spot for your bird feeder away from busy pathways. A bird feeder station placed near shrubs or trees provides birds with quick cover from predators. However, ensure it's at a safe distance to prevent cats or other predators from launching an ambush.

Cleaning: Regularly clean your bird feeders to prevent the spread of diseases. Use a mild detergent and scrub gently for wooden bird tables to retain the wood's quality. Ensure the feeder is dry before refilling to maintain the quality of the seeds.

Maintenance: Examine your feeders periodically for any signs of wear or damage, especially if you have our unique bird feeders for small birds. This ensures the safety of the birds and prolongs the feeder's lifespan.

Squirrel-Proofing: While our squirrel-proof bird feeders are designed to deter these crafty creatures, positioning is critical. Place the feeder 5 feet off the ground and 10 feet away from launching points like trees or fences.

Weatherproofing: Though our feeders are crafted to withstand typical UK weather, moving mobile feeders to sheltered areas during particularly severe weather conditions is advisable.

FAQs on bird feeders 

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