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Heavy Duty Garden Bench 3 Seater

This is a classicly styled Garden bench, such as that you might see in a park or other public a..

£299.00 £249.00 Ex Tax: £207.50

Baby Triple Bird Table

This is a great bird table with three feeding platforms at different levels, offering the chance to ..

£109.99 £93.49 Ex Tax: £77.91

Baby Triple Platform Bird Table c/w slate roof

An excellent large and well designed bird table, with three feeding platforms. The main table is 385..

£120.00 £102.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Bird Feeding Station (Large)

Another in our range of bird feeding stations, this is the large version. These are primarily intend..

£58.99 £50.14 Ex Tax: £41.79

Bird Feeding Station (Medium)

This is the medium sized Bird Feeding Station in our range. These don't have a table as such, a..

£30.00 £25.50 Ex Tax: £21.25

Bird Feeding Station Deluxe

This is our largest bird feeder feeding station, and also comes with 2 additional side tables attach..

£78.00 £66.30 Ex Tax: £55.25

Buttermere Slate Roof Bird Table

Another new table to the riverside range,  the Buttermere Slate Roof Bird Table has clean lines and ..

£109.99 £93.49 Ex Tax: £77.91

Cat Resistant Hedgehog Tunnel

Cats tend to like to get through any holes you've made for hedgehogs. This includes houses, boxes, f..

£15.00 £13.50 Ex Tax: £11.25

Denby Wooden Roof Bird Table

Simple lines make this a very contemporary Bird Table,  fitting in with modern gardens or new homes...

£64.00 £54.40 Ex Tax: £45.33

Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station

We've produced an eco friendly version of one of our more popular Hedgehog Feeding Stations. This is..

£54.00 £48.60 Ex Tax: £40.50

Eco Hedgehog House

An eco friendly and waterproof Hedgehog House. Completely secure with good water proofing and ventil..

£52.00 £46.80 Ex Tax: £39.00

Feeder Attachment For Hedgehog Houses

This is an add one for our Riverside Gold Hedgehog Houses, and provides a small covered area at the ..

£15.00 £13.50 Ex Tax: £11.25

Ground Feeding Bird Table

In addition to full height bird tables, a ground feeding bird table can help spread the workload of ..

£18.00 £15.30 Ex Tax: £12.75

Hanging Bird Table

We know that some people may not have the space for a full bird table and stand, or they may already..

£29.00 £24.65 Ex Tax: £20.54

Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular hedgehog house. This newer model of..

£52.00 £46.80 Ex Tax: £39.00

Hedgehog House Riverside Gold c/w feeder attachment

The Riverside Gold Hedgehog House is already one of our best sellers, but we thought of a way to imp..

£59.00 £53.10 Ex Tax: £44.25

Hedgehog Snug

A great little Hedgehog House at a low cost. This one has no wooden floor, so is simply placed on th..

£29.00 £26.10 Ex Tax: £21.75

Lodge Bird Table

New to the riverside range is this solid wood bird table. A large imposing design based on a tudor s..

£109.99 £93.49 Ex Tax: £77.91

Open Bird Table Large

A recently designed bird table which arrives in kit form with stand. It fits in with any g..

£34.99 £29.74 Ex Tax: £24.79

Premier Garden Bird Table

Classic looks with a contemporary twist, this is a large imposing bird table which is better suited ..

£106.00 £90.10 Ex Tax: £75.08

Premier Plus Bird table

This is an old favourite which we stopped doing for a while to make way for our newer tables, but we..

£130.00 £110.50 Ex Tax: £92.08

Premier Plus Cage Top Bird Table

The old problem of larger birds stealing the food from the smaller ones on your bird table is fixed ..

£160.00 £136.00 Ex Tax: £113.33

Premium Bird Feeding Station

A rather unique and proving to be very popular twin bird table feeding station, dont the picture foo..

£120.00 £102.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Premium Complete Hedgehog Food

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA balanced and nutritional complete dry food for hedgehogs, small kibble size id..

£2.30 £2.07 Ex Tax: £2.07

Ripon Bird Table

Over the years, we ike to listen to what our customers have to say, and build our next range of Bird..

£55.00 £46.75 Ex Tax: £38.96

Riverside Golden Brown Hedgehog House Starter Kit

We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular Hedgehog House, so we've added lots..

£59.99 £53.99 Ex Tax: £44.99

Riverside Hedgehog House

We've made this functional and simple in order to keep the costs down. This excellent little Hedgeho..

£39.00 £35.10 Ex Tax: £29.25

Rustic Ridge Wooden Roof Bird Table

Part of the riverside range of bird tables is this rustic style, wavy solid wood roof table, with an..

£50.00 £42.50 Ex Tax: £35.42

Rustic Slate Roof Bird Table

Part of the riverside range of bird tables this classic rustic styled table has a solid wooden ridge..

£64.00 £54.40 Ex Tax: £45.33

Rustic Timber Roof Bird Table

Part of the new riverside range made by us in Staffordshire, this table has a rather charming wavy w..

£67.99 £57.79 Ex Tax: £48.16

Rustic wall mounted bird table

A great little wall mounted bird table, ideal for attaching to posts, fences, garden walls or even o..

£29.95 £25.46 Ex Tax: £21.21