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We've made this functional and simple in order to keep the costs down. This excellent little Hedgehog House is still made to the same high quality as our other houses, but we've made is more simplistic in its design, using less wood, and therefore keeping costs down. However, it makes no difference to the Hedgehogs whatsoever, and they'll still take full advantage of this secure, weatherproof, and safe retreat. 

With weatherproofed and lockable roof and lid, it will last for several seasons with no problems. 

Entrance Hole Dimensions 120 x 120mm (H x W)
Hedgehog House Dimensions 210 x 420 x 340mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Roof) 235 x 480 x 400mm (H x W x D)
Are your houses coated with water based preservatives or non water based preservatives?
Many thanks
( Leslie )

They are water based, not many left on the market anymore which are solvent based

Water based is best for wildlife, ours is particularly safe for wildlife

( Ricky )
I’ve been given a hog house, following the first sighting (on the doorstep!) of a hog in our London garden in 5 years. So how can I attract the little creature to come back? ( Peter T )
Place some fresh hay in and around the house and a bowl of water, maybe a bit of dry cat/dog food on a saucer, hopefully your visitor will pop back, they will be looking to hibernate now so fingers crossed
I have spotted our first hedgehog in our garden and it looks massive. Bigger than the hogs I have seen before. I was going to go for the Gold (largest) hedgehog house but I noticed the entrance was smaller than that of the smaller Hedgehog house. I really think that this hog will not fit though that entrance! Can hogs squeeze through holes that appear much smaller than they are? ( Matt )
Hi Matt

Our hedgehog house golden brown is our best seller and our customers love the house for all its practicality’s, but in answer to your question the entrance to the golden brown is held on by two screws at the top if you find your hedgehog can’t fit through the entrance then you can simply unscrew the front entrance, doing this will make the entrance bigger.

Hope this helps if you need any other questions answering just let me know

Chris ( admin )
Is it suitable for winter hibernation? and is it big enough for a mother and hoglets? ( Kate Napier )
It is suitable for winter hibernation but really only one hedgehog, I would go for our golden brown model if its for 2 to 3 hedgehogs ( admin )
Does the cat proof tunnel fit this hedgehog house,please ( Eileen Neale )
Yes it will fit all of our hedgehog models ( admin )
Where is the best place to site this, and does it need to stand on the ground or on a slab ( Christine )
Depends on what your garden is like and where the hogs tend to go, best place is in a sheltered spot, you can put a slab or old cara mat under it if you like although its designed to go any where ( admin )

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Riverside Hedgehog House

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