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Larger birds often steal food from the smaller ones on bird tables. This problem is solved straight away with our Premier Plus Caged Top Bird Table and its clever design. We have added a second feeding level covered by a caged front. which has large enough openings to allow the smaller birds inside and stops larger birds from getting to their food. The larger birds are still able to feed from the same table however by using the lower feeding platform. The cage also deters Squirrels, Cats and other animals from trying to get to any birds whilst feeding. The 38mm cage is made from 12 gauge stainless steel ensuring it withstands even the most extreme elements. 

The cage is available in 2 different sizes with 38mm and 50mm openings allowing different birds to feed from the table dependant on size. 

Ideal for a larger or busy garden that attracts lots of birds. 

FSC certified timber is used to manufacture all of our products to create high quality bird tables. The solid base and sturdy construction ensure our bird tables will not topple over easily. A long-lasting weatherproof finish is applied protecting the bird table against even the harshest of elements.

Also available with an eco-friendly rot proof upgrade made from recycled plastic making the base and tray of the bird table impervious to water and makes the tray extremely easy to clean. 

The bird table head comes fully assembled, however, the stand of the bird table will require assembly.

**Please Note - Our Bird Tables come in two packages: 1 package containing the head, the 2nd package containing the stand. Thank you** 

Base Dimensions 800 x 800mm (W x D)
Bird Table Head Dimensions 520 x 480 x 475mm (H x W x D)
Feeding Platform Height (From Floor) 1300mm
Post Thickness 70 x 70mm
Total Height 1820mm
Hi - If I order the eco rot proof upgrade to the Premier Plus Cage Top Bird Table with the two side tables, are all the side and main tables lined with it? Can you also please confirm that this lining is easy clean? Thank you ( Carole Mullins )

Hi Carole,

Yes if you choose the eco upgrade, you get the side tables included with the upgrade. And it does make the feeding areas easy clean. 

( Riverside Woodcraft )
I am interested in this bird table, how do you get into the top bird table, is there a clip or something to undo the mess?

Also do you do anything like a plastic tray insert for both parts of the table to remove for easy cleaning?


( Angela )

There is a clip and hinges to open the top part, plastic inserts are not generally available on our bird tables as you have to sacrifice quality and solid build to make it work

You can use a dish or tray yourself but the birds always make a mess anyway, a good hose pipe and brush once a week is more than adequate 

( Ricky )
Hello I'm interested in buying this product but wondering if its possible to buy it with two of the small wooden feeding trays added to the stand like other models you sell and maybe some hooks under each corner for me to add suet feeders too etc. Please could you advice if this is possible and if so any additional cost it would be. Thanks ( Kate Kingdom )

Hi Kate,

I have added the option to purchase the Premier Plus Cage Top Bird Table with side tables into our "Type" so can now purchase the bird table with side tables for additional £25 

Thanks Chris  

( Chris )
What size mesh do you use please I want to keep out starlings but let robins and other small birds through? ( Barbara )

We use 38mm x 38mm as standard but also have 50 x 50mm in stock

38mm is good for sparrows and lower, 50mm is OK for blackbirds but also starling as they nest in a 45mm hole

Robins will be fine with 38mm

( Ricky )
I would love this bird table especially the size. Please could you tell me if there is an insert for the base feeder which can be removed for cleaning. And is there anything you can supply please so I can hang feeders from for the birds that prefer feeders. I would also be interested in any long metal securing pegs for the base as our garden in Scotlsnd is very exposed where garden furniture regularly gets blown over. Thank you ( Linda Latham )

We have an anchoring system and hooks and eyes for feeders, also we do a version which has 20mm recycled plastic feeding trays and also the stand feet to avoid them rotting, not on the site yet but give me a ring and I can discuss further, price wise the table would be £180, anchoring system, £15 and the hook and eye kit x 4 for each corner is £4.99

( Ricky )
I think I have decided on getting the Premier Plus table, but ideally I would like an 'all in one' bird table and feeder that includes two side perches on the stand that you can hang feeders from, not just the bird table on the top. Metal ones would be fine, as in the medium feeding station, or integrated wooden ones, whichever is easiest/possible. Is this a custom option you could offer for an additional fee? ( Kate Young )
We can supply 2 of the metal brackets like the ones used in the small bird feeding station for you as the table is one of our premium models we will send them free of charge, just make a note on your order or email me with your order number and we will send them with the bird table ( Riverside Woodcraft )
I would like a bird table to stand on a paved area I have in the garden. It can get quite windy on the north east coast, is the premier table heavy enough to remain stable when it’s windy? I don’t want it to topple over and get damaged. ( Kate Young )

Hi Kate, this is one of the largest tables we do and is very heavy and sturdy, I cannot say 100% it will not blow over but its very unlikely

It its on a paved area you can always use a construction adhesive to glue it to the paving slabs if you feel its needed, or just add some sand bags to the base, however I am sure it will be OK as it is

We have taken some models off line as we are unable to furfil the order in our usual 2 to 3 days, if you need for xmas please ring us between 10am and 3pm Mon to Fri, we can then advise a delivery time an d if you are happy you can order there and then on the phone, 01827 250410 ( admin )

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Premier Plus Caged Top Bird Table

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