Hanging Cage Bird Feeder

Attractive and functional, this is a hanging bird feeder cage designed to be added to an existing table, tree branches, or other areas. Provides shelter and protection for smaller birds. Large birds cannot access the house, allowing smaller birds chance to feed. 

  • Clay mix Slate roof
  • Secure hanging snaphook
  • Can be fitted to a tree branch or hanging basket hook
Overall SizeSmall
Roof TypeArdesia/Slate
Total height250mm
Would this hang ok on the delux feeder station which we already have ?.Great product by the way
Many thanks,
( David, 01/02/2019 )
Yes no problem ( Ricky, 04/02/2019 )
does it have a door to open and put the food in and to open and clean? ( Janie, 18/06/2018 )
Yes on the front/back one of the sections is hinged with a clasp you simply turn to open and add food or clean etc
Please, will this fit on top of our old table base? ( Chris Norbury, 11/06/2017 )
Its not really big enough for a stand and is really designed to hang ( admin, 11/06/2017 )
I've had the Hanging Cage Bird Feeder for a few weeks now and nothing has gone inside except rain! It's extremely well made and looks great, but it's supposed to feed the birds! I know it takes a while for the birds to get used to it, but they just sit on the edge and won't go in. I feel as if the mesh is too narrow and should be slightly larger. Not too large that the starlings get in though.
I'd be interested in any comments you might have to help encourage them in. I am using the same food that they were eating previously, but mostly devoured by starlings, magpies and wood pigeons!

Kind regards
( Trevor Fyfe, 22/11/2016 )
The mesh is 38mm, 1.5 inches and will allow smaller birds like a robin, wren or blue tit in, larger birds blackbird and starling will not be able to gain entry. Its always a gamble with wildlife knowing what they will do. Having done testing on these type of bird tables and feeders the most popular reason for not using is there is food nearby in the same garden which is easier to get to so they go for that. You could try the following, reduce the food in other areas, put live mealworms in the cage feeder as they will go for them or leave the door open for a few days so they can get used to the new feeder ( admin, 22/11/2016 )
I see from the above questions that you could make this bird table to order. Could you make one 18" X 27" and if so, what would be the cost?

Best regards
( Hazel Loftus, 29/05/2016 )
We do make all of the products we sell, we can make you one that big, before I quote you please can you double check your size, it is rather big.... ( admin, 29/05/2016 )
Could you please let me know the actual dimensions of the bird table. Also could a larger version with the wire surround be made available? Many thanks ( Sue, 18/05/2016 )
The table is about
10" square and 12" high, we could make a larger one if you like, just let me know the size you would like ( admin, 18/05/2016 )
I very much like your hanging cage bird feeder, which would make a nice birthday present for my missus. It could hang on the beech tree which leans over into our garden. Just a question: we get lots of pigeons and seagulls in Aberdeen, so won't they just stand on the edge and reach in to pinch the food? The gaps don't look that small. Perhaps you could let me know how it has been performing. Our local pigeons are a crafty lot.
( Julian, 24/04/2016 )
Hi Julian,
The mesh is 38mm about an inch and a half square making it fine for small birds like a robin or sparrow, larger birds cannot get inside but can try to get whats on the edges, thing is if this is the only source of food in the garden all visitors will have a go, if there are other sources they wont really bother as it to hard to get, in short this works by stopping the larger birds getting in so even if they get bits from the sides they wont get it all and some will be left for the small birds ( admin, 24/04/2016 )

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Hanging Cage Bird Feeder

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