Hedgehog Nesting Material, Hedgehog Houses

A useful bag of fresh dust free meadow hay, the perfect material for your hedgehogs to nest in

Place a little in the house and some more nearby, the hedgehog likes to make their own nest so will find the stash to left and drag it into the house. This product is also dust free now.

I always go by 'Hay is for Horse food, Straw is for Bedding!' Hay does not make good bedding material for small animals as it is too absorbant. . Straw is warm, allows urine and other liquids to drain away, and provides a comfortable bed. HTH. ( C J Blake )
We understand your comments but as hedgehogs have soft bellies straw is a little to rough for them to sleep on during winter, Hay is softer and allows them to snuggle down under it and keep warm.  ( Ricky )
How much is in each bag? ( Dave )

Hi Dave,

Its not an exact science we have a bag which is A4 size and we stuff as much fresh hay as we can into it

The amount in the bag tends to fill most of our houses with enough hay to make a warm and cosy nest for the hogs

( Ricky )

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Hedgehog Nesting Material 1kg bag

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