Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular hedgehog house. This newer model offers an improved roof design, an improved entrance and much bigger internal dimensions. It still comes with the weatherproof lockable lid, which is made of a new product which is solid weatherproof insulated composite board. This new roof material looks like solid granite, and makes for a good waterproof lid. Along the inside are grooves to stop any water runing inside, which works very well.

Overall, an excellent quality and affordable hedgehog house, and probably our best selller.

Designed forHedgehogs
Hole Size115mm x 115mm increasing to 125 x 170mm with entrance cover removed
Roof TypeRecycled Eco roof
Width385mm, 510mm with tunnel
Hi, what is the roof made from is it just slate? many thanks ( joe warr, 12/10/2017 )
Hi the roof is made of recycled plastic 18mm thick, its like a sandwich, solid top and bottom and a core with air pockets, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, fully waterproof and perfect for hedgehog houses ( admin, 12/10/2017 )
How do i remove the silver ring stopping me opening the lid? ( Lynne rosendale, 27/09/2017 )

On the hasp and staple there should be a lock called a carbine hook “sliver ring” there Youll find a middle on the lock where you can push it in on the lock and it should spilt on the opening of the lock to allow you to open the hedgehog house.

Hope this helps

Chris ( admin, 27/09/2017 )
Is the Riverside Gold large enough for hedghogs to breed in ? If not do you offer discount on the Riverside Rescue if I ordered 2? ( Allison, 27/09/2016 )
The rescue is perfect for breeding as it has a lot more room inside due to the internal tunnel being a lot shorter, use this link to order 2 at a discount
http://www.riversidewoodcraft.co.uk/hedgehogs/564-rescue-hedgehog-house-x-2.html ( admin, 27/09/2016 )
Hi I'm going to get your riverside gold house but can you tell me if I need to put anything inside the bedding area? ( Dawn, 31/08/2016 )
Hiya Dawn,

Yes you can put some bedding in bits of old grass, leaves and twigs from your garden (if there nesting in your garden) hedgehogs like the surrounding smells there used to, to nest in but remember hedgehogs like to make there own nest/ bedding area so don't put too much in for them also make sure you wear gloves as hedgehogs don't like different smells such as human smell on their bedding.

( admin, 31/08/2016 )
What type of wood is the floor of the house made of and is it rot proof? It looks different to the wood used to make the rest of the house. ( Bronte, 05/08/2016 )
The floor is made of OSB board, its used in the construction of sheds and by roofers on house roofs, its waterproof on its own but we do treat it as well ( admin, 05/08/2016 )
Am very interested in a hedgehog house but am a bit confused with the 'normally' written under he price ( Els Jacobs, 16/07/2016 )
We have had an update on the site, it should just say the price, will get it removed ( admin, 16/07/2016 )
What is different between the resume house and the gold house ( Susan Nevers, 21/05/2016 )
The rescue house and golden brown are very similar the golden brown has a longer tunnel where as the rescue is a short tunnel making it easier for the hedgehog to get inside, it also has more room inside because of this, the rescue is designed for a sick hedgehog where as the gold brown is for health hedgehogs etc ( admin, 21/05/2016 )
Hi, please could you tell me if you give a discount if I bought 2 of your hedgehog house riverside gold, thanks. ( Anthony oxby, 12/03/2016 )
Yes we can offer them at £45.00 each if you purchase 2, let me know of you wish to order and I will email you a link to order them on the wesbite at the reduced rate ( admin, 12/03/2016 )

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Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

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