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We are very excited about this new updated design of our popular hedgehog house. This newer model offers an improved roof design, an improved entrance and much bigger internal dimensions. It still comes with the weatherproof lockable lid, which is made of a new product which is solid weatherproof insulated composite board. This new roof material looks like solid granite, and makes for a good waterproof lid. Along the inside are grooves to stop any water runing inside, which works very well.

Overall, an excellent quality and affordable hedgehog house, and probably our best selller. Small airflow gap at the front & side of the hedgehog house.

Entrance Hole Dimensions 125 x 115mm (H x W)
Hedgehog House Dimensions 200 x 520 x 400mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Entrance Tunnel) 200 x 520 x 510mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Roof & Entrance Tunnel) 220 x 580 x 555mm (H x W x D)
Hedgehog House Dimensions (Including Roof) 220 x 580 x 455mm (H x W x D)
My partner has just bought me the Riverside Gold hedgehog house as I think he thought it was a feeding house. Can it still be used as a feeding house? I was using a diy plastic box to feed them and he wanted to treat me. Also what is the best product to use to clean the inside with? Thanks ( Lisa )

Hi Lisa,

Yes you can use the Golden Brown Hedgehog House as a feeding station instead of hibernation, With cleaning i recommend using a non harmful to pet cleaner to clean the inside of the house or just warm soapy water will do the trick.

Hope this helps 

Chris :) 

( Chris L )
Is it to late to put a nest box out? I'm wondering wether the hedgehogs have found a place to hibernate already. We have 2 hedgehogs which are still coming into the garden to feed. ( Angela Cornbill )
Hi Angela,

Not as easy to answer as you think, they are looking now and most who are fat enough will have started hibernation already

It's all down to the cold weather as once the nights take a turn for the cold it triggers the hibernation process

It's a gamble really you might be OK or you might just get them sleeping in it during the spring days
( Ricky )
Is the hedgehog house beat placed on a hard surface like a paving slab? I’d liked to put it ideally inbetween two shrubs but it would be directly on soil, would this likely effect the lifespan of the house or indeed make it damp for any hogs living there? Also this is currently near to where I feed them, should it be away from their food or is close by ok? Thank you. ( Claire )
The house will be fine on any surface and the floor is made of OSB board which is 100% waterproof ( Ricky )
Could you advise the best stuff to use to treat the outside of nest boxes and feeders please. I have 2 feeders and three nest boxes from you and colour faded so concerned over waterproofing. Thank you, Linda ( LINDA Turner )
Any water based fence treatment will be fine ( Ricky )
In which country is this hedgehog house made? ( Elizabeth Bott )
We make them here in Staffordshire ( Ricky )
Before I purchase can you tell me Is the internal wood treated as this can be harmful. ( Julie Gunn )
We use a specially made wood preserve which is water based and completely neutral to any wildlife ( Ricky )
Do you recommend keeping food out of the house or putting it inside? I have been putting food inside as I worry about attracting the neighbourhood cats (which are many!) Every morning since getting the house (about a week now) the food bowl has been empty but I wonder if having the food inside would be problematic if the hog wishes to make a home inside. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. ( Gill C )
I am afraid this is catch 22, food inside will prevent the hedgehog from making it into a home, leaving it outside will attract the local cats, the only real way is to have a feeding station and house ( Ricky )
Bought one of these boxes last year and within a week had a hedgehog move in. However within about a week it just as quickly moved back out. There are sometimes as many as 3 hogs at a time waiting their turn to feed from the "feeding station" I have made them but none are living in my hedgehog house. Is the fact that I have a dog, a miniature schnauzer, scaring them off. My dog has the odd sniff at them if he comes across any at night but never does them any harm, unlike my last dog, a fox terrier, who came across one many years ago and was so determined not to let it go that as I dragged him away by his collar he picked it up in his mouth. I then had to let him hang by his collar, choking him, until he let it go. ( James Bruce )

The best thing i could advise is that you firstly clean out the hedgehog house and place some new fresh bedding in the house to attract some new hogs. Secondarily i would put some food into the house to attract them inside the house, lastly i would make sure its in a nice safe place along a wall or fence so the hedgehog doesn't fell under danger if the house was in a open space. also watch where the hogs are staying or moving around and put the house in or around that area.

I would try these steps first to see if you attract a hog back into the house again.

Thanks Chris :)

( Riverside Woodcraft )

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Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

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