Garden Planters

Garden Planters

We have been looking on the market for a while now in search of a range of wooden planters we could add to our range, in the end we decided the only way to get the quality and weight we were looking for was to make them ourselves, so we have great pleasure in introducing our customers to the new 2018 riverside woodcraft range of planters and wishing wells

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Garden Planter Hexagon Medium

A solid wood planter much heavier and robust than others on the market..

Ex Tax: £53.33

Herb Planter

Solid wood herb planter, ideal for the garden or kitchen, easy to move around, perfect for a window sill..

Ex Tax: £32.50

Solid Wood Loglap Planter Large

A solid wood loglap effect garden planter, sturdy and designed to last many years..

Ex Tax: £61.67

Solid Wood Loglap Planter Medium

A medium sized loglap planter made from solid timber and treated with a quality wood preserve..

Ex Tax: £53.33

Wishing Well Slate Roof Medium

A compact solid wood wishing well with an ardesia tile roof, 13kg total weight, compared to others on the market which are less than half the weight..

Ex Tax: £57.50

Wishing Well Wooden Roof Large

A large, robust solid wood wishing well, 19kg total weight, standing 95cm tall..

Ex Tax: £99.00

Wooden Trough Planter Large

This solid wood planter is perfect for under windows and has sturdy legs to raiser it of the ground..

Ex Tax: £74.17

Wooden Trough Planter Medium

A medium sized trough planter ideal for gardens and driveways..

Ex Tax: £65.83

Wooden Trough Planter Small

A solid wood planter with raised legs, ideal for putting either side of a door or just to add structure to a garden..

Ex Tax: £57.50