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A Nest Box for a dormouse is very similar to a Bird Nest Box , but with a difference, in that the main hole on a Dormouse Next box is at the rear of the box, as opposed to the front.  When fitted to a tree, the Dormouse enters and exits from the rear, making the nest safe from predators and providing a reassuring environment for the Dormouse.

Not only are these interesting to observe, but they are thought to protect the dormouse numbers by offering environments which may not be available due to farming etc. Large numbers of boxes can boost the local dormouse population. 

  • Purpose built for Dormice
  • Rear entrance hole
  • Solid Redwood construction
  • Intended for mounting on trees
  • Treated with a water based, animal friendly wood preserve suitable for all wildlife

Check the area you live in first to see if you have a chance of getting any dormice?


This nest box has been designed in a way to stop humans from getting into the box. Unlike bird nest boxes a dormouse hibernates in the box so tampering with it is not allowed, in fact it is illegal unless you are a licensed dormouse handler. Please dont have a quick peek, it is stressful for the dormouse 

Animal / Bird Type Mouse
Good morning. Can we clean out the net box from time to time, or can we just leave the old nests? Is there a way of opening it to do so? ( Lesley Mcneil, 03/01/2018 )
You can remove the front by unscrewing the 4 screws and cleaning it out that way, however you need to make sure its empty first so late spring early Autumn would be the best time, in our opinion its not needed as in the wild no one cleans out the tree holes they go in?

What are the dimensions of the dormouse box please?

Thank you
( Mary, 16/03/2017 )
Hi Its around 250mm high, 170mm deep and 150mm wide

The hole is 32mm and the battens are 34mm square ( admin, 16/03/2017 )
Please could you tell me or show me a picture of how the roof is attached on your dormouse boxes?
Many thanks
( Laura, 04/08/2016 )
Hi its screwed down as are the panels, this is because its not designed to allow any handling of the dormouse, we do make handler boxes if you need one just let me know and I will duscuss options with you, we make them ourselves and tend to do make whatever the customers requires ( admin, 04/08/2016 )
How is the dormouse box attached to the tree and at what height? ( David Boggett, 24/01/2015 )
Hi the dormouse box comes with a multi point fixing kit for easy assembly to a tree or wall. Height to put the box depends on the tree, 5 meters would be ideal but lower if the tree cannot take it, you really need the box attached to the main trunk without to many branches around, try to choose a mature tree ( admin, 24/01/2015 )

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Dormouse Nest Box

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