Cat Resistant Hedgehog Tunnel, Hedgehog Houses

Cats tend to like to get through any holes you've made for hedgehogs. This includes houses, boxes, feeders, or even a hole in the fence.  This Cat resistant Hedgehog Tunnel is designed to be added to anywhere that a cat or other small animal (such as fox) may try and get through. Ideally, this should be added to hedgehog runways/holes on fences etc,  or attached to Hedgehog Houses. It's a simple device, which help prevent larger animals from entering, but allows Hedgehogs of all sizes to pass through. It also comes with a fixing kit.

  • New design 
  • 11cm wide x 12cm high and 35cm (internal dimensions)
  • Makes it harder for cats to gain entrance to your hedgehog feeder
  • Comes with a fixing kit (screws, brackets)  for securing to fence or hedgehog house
  • Pictured with our popular Riverside Gold Hedgehog House


It will fit the others in the range

Entrance Hole Dimensions 120 x 110mm
Height 170mm
Width 355mm
Depth 170mm
Can we put this against the fence to allow safe passage for hedgehogs but keep neighbouring cats out? Thank you ( C )


Yes you can use the Cat Tunnel as a entrance between your fence, also fixings are supplied to do this.   

( Riverside Woodcraft )
Can the hedgehog tunnel be used on it's own, for food to go in?
( Sandra )
No its just an entrance tunnel for existing houses to reduce the opportunity for a cat to gain entry ( Ricky )
I bought 2 of these beautiful sleeping boxes and had one hedgehog move in the same night I am worried as the food is not in the box it is fed on the patio. so the interest must be in the hedgehog, will a cat / fox harm them? the one I have certainly sleeps well but I don't want him harmed or frightened off
I think the tunnels are a great idea I will email you and order 2 with slightly smaller entrance.
. and hope that will be more of a deterrant
( Teresa Meehan )
The tunnels are set at the absolute limit for a hedgehog, we would not recommend trying to make them any smaller ( Ricky )
Your tunnels have proved to be very effective. Thanks. Very frustrated cats.

Can u pls indicate what you use as wood preservative, presuming that it has been selected so as to cause no harm to hedgehogs. One of our two tunnels is getting a bit faded.

Thanks and regards.
Dave Mx
( Dave Mx )
Hi Dave, We use a water based wood treatment which is specially designed to be good to wildlife, if you purchase a water based fence preservative, most modern ones are environmentally friendly now and paint the outside of the tunnel that should be fine ( Ricky )
I have the hedgehog house you show above and as i need somewhere safe as there is a fox that keeps eating food if i now buy the tunnel as above would this be the right thing to do as you say above it stops the cats getting to the food.Ihave tried making one of the make shift feeding stations out of plastic box but it doesnt get eaten,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kind regards Jenny Stanley ( Jennifer Anne Stanley )
The hedgehog tunnel is smaller both height and width making it more difficult for cats to gain entry, as a fox is usually much bigger than a cat this should stop any getting into your house, we do advise a feeding station is better than a house thought for feeding ( Ricky )
I am interested in your Cat Resistant Hedgehog Tunnel to fit onto the Hedgehog Eco House I recently purchased.

Would you please inform me what the actual external height and depth dimensions are for this product, as the stated 11cm appears to be either the internal sizes or incorrect.

Thank you
( Chris Horton )
The internal size is 110mm wide by 120mm high, so the physically the entrance actual size is 11cm wide and 12cm high
We can make it smaller if you wish, but you have to be careful the hedgehog does not get stuck in the tunnel as they struggle to walk backwards due to their spines
I would also like you to have a look at this article I wrote on how to keep cats out of your hedgehog house ( admin )
We have made holes in our fence for hedgehogs. They are the size of a CD disc. Unfortunately foxes come through which we would like to stop. Would this tunnel placed by the hole stop the foxes? ( Mark )
It would stop adult foxes but might not deter the younger, smaller foxes, the kit includes fixings which you would need to use to secure to your fence, hope this helps ( admin )
Would a cat be able to put its paw in and pull the food bowl out?
( Anna )
The tunnel is really designed as an entrance tunnel, the feeding bowl would be further into the house/feeder making it unlikely for any cat to get near the food ( admin )

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Cat Resistant Hedgehog Tunnel

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