In Stock Safe Haven Bird Table, Bird Tables

A specially designed bird table with a stainless steel cage around it so only the little birds can get in

  • New 2016 model with stainless steel cage
  • Allows smaller birds to have their own feeding area
  • Squirrel and cat proof
  • Ardesia slate effect roof, heavy solid wood construction.   

Watch our assembly instructions here - Enjoy! :)

    Base Size700x700 mm
    Feeding Platform from Floor1265mm (1.26 mtrs)
    Feeding table size345x325 mm
    Material:European Softwood
    Overall SizeMedium
    Post Thickness55x55 mm
    Roof TypeSlate / Ardesia
    Total height1700
    Is it possible to a couple of lower feeding shelves to the safe haven table? ( Claire Duncan, 07/04/2020 )

    Yes no problem, ring us to order over the phone - 01827 250410

    £20 extra for the two

    ( Ricky, 08/04/2020 )
    Hi - I really like the Safe Haven table, but would like to allow starlings in. I see from previous Q&A that you can make mesh wider to allow this. please let me know if this is possible and cost please - many thanks - Janet ( Janet Douglas, 28/05/2019 )
    Yes and no extra charge, just order as normal and email us afterwards with your order number, we will then make you one with 50 x 50mm mesh, 45mm is OK for starlings ( Ricky, 31/05/2019 )
    I have a tall wooden pole sunken into the ground in my garden with an existing bird table attached to it. I would like to replace that bird table with this one as the existing one is rotting. There are no fittings on the pole, i think the current one is just screwed into the pole (I inherited from previous house owners). Will it be possible to attach this one in a similar fashion? Thanks. ( John W, 19/05/2019 )
    Let me have a couple of images of the pole and the diameter and I will let you know the best solution ( Ricky, 19/05/2019 )
    What are the dimensions of the squares in the cage of the Safe Haven bird table? We get magpies and seagulls which chase away all the lovely wee birds but we also have a family of blackbirds who we feed. ( Anne Ballantine , 17/06/2018 )
    The size of the squares are 38 x 38mm, this will allow most common birds in but nothing much bigger than a sparrow, blackbirds, starlings etc would not be able to get in, although some starling seem to manage it, 50mm will allow all of them in apart from pigeons and above. We do have 50mm in stock so if you wanted that size just order as normal and drop us an email with your order number and ask for the mesh to be 50mm
    Hi. I'm a bit concerned about how easy it is to clean. I appreciate that the front mesh opens, but to really get all the droppings etc out, the front "ledge" needs to be removable. Is it? And if not, how is it fixed to the frame please ( Phil Cragg, 12/09/2017 )
    The table by design is harder to clean than normal due to the cage, the ledges are fixed and it would not be possible to remove them or hinge them. The solution would be to make you a table with a hinged ledge and wider access to clean, although a hose pipe with spray nozzle would be the easiest way of cleaning out the unused seed. If you would like a specially made table just let us know which model you like and we will quote a price to add a cage and drop ledge ( admin, 12/09/2017 )
    Hi there. I am interested in the safe haven bird table. Do you make a larger version? We purchased one from you some years ago with a wooden roof but mesh sides and I think we paid around £150.00. thanks! ( penny kennett, 01/09/2017 )
    Hi Penny, we did a larger version but reduced it due to material costs and the fact it was for small birds
    Have a look at the premier and buttermere tables, we could make one of those into a cage table
    Rough cost £140 too £160 ( admin, 01/09/2017 )
    I see that this item is currently out of stock and wonder what sort of timescale it will be for you to get more in stock?
    ( Mrs Cris Combellack, 23/06/2017 )
    We have moved them to this page on the site, you can order anytime ( admin, 23/06/2017 )
    WHEN DO YOU EXEPCT THIS TO BE BACK IN STOCK ( Martin Shave, 01/12/2016 )
    We have taken some models off line as we are unable to furfil the order in our usual 2 to 3 days, if you need for xmas please ring us between 10am and 3pm Mon to Fri, we can then advise a delivery time an d if you are happy you can order there and then on the phone, 01827 250410 ( admin, 01/12/2016 )

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    Safe Haven Bird Table

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