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By Joanna L. (NEWENT, United Kingdom) on 14 July 2017 :

Product rated : Premier Garden Bird Table


Great bird table! Very sturdy and attractive. We asked for an Eco floor to be put in it instead of a wood floor and no problem. Alison and Ricky are so helpful and willing to give their time and advise if necessary. We have a lot of grey squirrels here and we've added an RSPB baffle which fits this post if the aperture of the baffle is made larger with a fine hacksaw. Thank you for a brilliant addition to our garden!

By Joanna L. (NEWENT, United Kingdom) on 14 July 2017 :

Product rated : Bird Feeding Station XL


Birds love it, I love it! Squirrels don't love it because they can't get to the feeders! Very sturdy and well crafted. The only thing I would mention is that I find the wooden side feeder trays get full of bird pooh so difficult to use them as feeders. Ricky & Alison are very helpful and are so willing to advise and give their time to answer questions.

By Caroline N. (STOCKPORT, United Kingdom) on 11 July 2017 :

Product rated : Hedgehog Eco House

Well made - entrance hole too big

This house is almost perfect, but for one thing. A pretty important thing:

I've seen two cats go into the house, on separate occasions. They both came out head first so are able to get fully inside and turn around.
Luckily I had the house on the lawn to get the hogs used to it before hiding it in the vegetation for proper use, so it wasnt occupied.

I'll make the hole smaller so it can be used safely, but its something to be aware of.

Hi please note the hole size is set by British Hedgehog Society however we can make it a bit smaller if you ask us to or supply a reduced cat resistant tunnel

By Andy S. (NORMANTON, United Kingdom) on 15 May 2017 :

Product rated : Hedgehog Eco Feeding Station

A Top Quality Feeding Station

I have to say that the build quality of this Feeding Station is excellent, and unlike others on the market, the quality of the materials used is very good indeed, it certainly is very robust and will last for many years to come.

The design is very well thought out, but for my needs the entrance / baffle holes needed to be bigger ( I have a very large Hoggie visiting ) so after a quick call the guys were more than happy to increase the hole size from 120mm to 140mm which looks just about right.

If you are in the market for a Hedgehog Feeding Station then this is the one.

Both customer service and build quality are second to none, and I will be buying a Hedgehog Home from the guys in a few weeks time, then hopefully I might persuade a Hoggie to hibernate in the garden, giving it a safe place to spend the winter.

Thanks guys...

By Alison P. (BUNTINGFORD, United Kingdom) on 14 May 2017 :

Product rated : Hanging Cage Bird Feeder

Excellent value

I am so pleased with this feeder. Seems really made well and sturdy. Put some mealworms in it and the Great Tits have already got used to it and are going backwards and forwards to the nest to feed their young. The feeder has only been up an hour so the birds are obviously comfortable with the design. This is so much better than the metal cage-type feeder I purchased and this is also better value.

By David B. (BINGLEY, United Kingdom) on 25 Apr. 2017 :

Product rated : Wishing Well Large

Mr David Butler

Well pleased with the final result however I feel you could improve on the assembly instructions.
If you identified the top, so called 45 degree piece, with a small sticker, everything would fall into place more quickly.
I had to enlarge the side support holes and 4x facia pieces as the winch bar was too thick!!
Instead of attaching these four pieces to the winch bar with screws I have attached them to the side pieces using a screw top and bottom. Much more secure and less risk of splitting the bar with screws.

Hope these comments are helpful and overall I am delighted with the finished Wishing Well. Very sylish solid and superior to anything on the market at this price level

By Helen P. (LEIGH-ON-SEA, United Kingdom) on 02 March 2017 :

Product rated : Bird Feeding Station XL

Well made bird feeding station

Really pleased with this quality bird feeding station. My husband found the instructions easy to follow and put together. In his words it is 'well made'. We have stood this on paving stones which we already had in the garden and on such a windy day as today is, it is standing perfectly. The hooks and clips supplied with it are a really good idea.
I would highly recommend this as I have always bought the cheap metal stands before and they just don't last and look as good as wood.

By Jeff S. (LUTON, United Kingdom) on 15 Feb. 2017 :

Product rated : Hedgehog House Riverside Gold


Excellent quality, well designed, built and finished.

By Sonia W. (GLOUCESTER, United Kingdom) on 31 Jan. 2017 :

Product rated : Open Eco Bird Table Large


This bird table is extremely well made and very sturdy. Love it!

By Caroline D. (PETWORTH, United Kingdom) on 25 Nov. 2016 :

Product rated : Rescue Hedgehog House

Perfect Hedgehog House

I came across a review of this particular house that was written by a hedgehog rescuer, who's advice was to buy from Riverside Woodcraft rather than a competitor. The advice was good.

I have several hedgehogs in my untidy wildlife friendly garden, and had spotted one that was not up to full hibernation weight. I did not know where he was sleeping, only that he was appearing on a regular basis for food. Once the house was in position, the underweight hedgehog moved in on the second night and is now as very warm under a huge pile of grass and leaves (I put supplies outside the house and he came out every night for a week and took the bedding into the house).

The house looks great, but more importantly is solidly made with the needs of the hedgehog taken into consideration. I was so pleased with the product I have ordered a second one and placed it at the opposite end of the garden. This second house has not been occupied, and so will be ready to take any hedgehog that needs rescuing during the winter months.

By Nevzat A. (CRAWLEY, United Kingdom) on 22 Nov. 2016 :

Product rated : Open Bird Table

Open bird table

Absolutely thrilled with this product. Sturdy, Very Well Made, and looks so good.

By Beverly H. (SWANSEA, United Kingdom) on 17 Oct. 2016 :

Product rated : Hedgehog Eco Feeding Station

Excellent idea & very well made.

I'm very impressed by the thought that's gone into this & the quality, really very well made.
Very easy to use & a really safe place for my hedgehogs to feed away from predators & out of the worst of the weather too.
Hedgehogs have been few & far between here for some time but seem to have made a bit of a come back this year so I was really pleased to find this feeding station, along with my hedgehog houses they should have everything they need now .
Just wish I had found this company sooner & will definitely be buying more products here in future.

By Hilary D. (SALISBURY, United Kingdom) on 13 Oct. 2016 :

Product rated : Hedgehog House Riverside Gold

Hedgehog Hotel

Very pleased it's well made.staff very helpful.Ordered one day,received the next.already have residence after just one night.Recomend this hedgehog house.Mrs H D

By Averil W. (BRECHIN, United Kingdom) on 08 Oct. 2016 :

Product rated : Triple Platform Bird Table

Fantastic table!

Really happy with this bird table! It's beautiful, photos really don't do it justice. The colour is a gorgeous deep golden, not as light as in the pictures, and it looks wonderful in the garden. It was really easy to assemble, I did it myself (63-year-old female) in around an hour. It's much more solid than I expected - I did wonder if it would blow over but now I've assembled it I think it would take a hurricane to shift it! Well worth the money and I highly recommend it!

By Pauly A. (HOOK, United Kingdom) on 20 Sept. 2016 :

Product rated : Hedgehog House Riverside Gold x 2


I've bought quite a few hedgehog houses over the years and have always had to tinker with them a little, to ensure they are just right, and properly hedgehog friendly. This is the first house I have bought that needed nothing doing to it - it really is perfect. It is waterproof, solidly constructed, and the interior dimensions are spot on. And buying two together like this really is a good deal as they are quality houses and worth every penny.

This company is lovely; they really care about wildlife and each item they sell has been well thought out and designed to be the best for the animal it is meant for. Their customer service is excellent and I thoroughly recommend them.

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