Wooden Bird Tables

Wooden Bird Tables are the most common type of Bird Table for you garden, and offers the most durability and attractiveness of other materials.

Riverside Woodcraft supply a range of our own Wooden Bird Tables to customers across the UK. WE have a very good reputation gained over several years for quality, service, and price. You won't find our products in any Garden Centers, nor under any other name (although you may have seen us on Amazon). We only supply the highest quality Wooden Bird Tables, using sturdy, thick, and weather treated wood.

Wooden tables are undoubtedly the best kind. They are sturdy, stand the test of time (when treated regularly) and are certainly the most attractive of all materials used. These bird tables can either be placed on an existing pole or supplied with pole included (or buying options give you a choice of either). Table Tops on their own are useful for attaching to pre-existing poles or posts, or even in Trees. If you choose to make your bird table free standing, we ensure that ours are stable, and secure, with bases that more than meet the requirements.

If you dont see what you need, give us a call, as we can make custom tables too !

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Monday, June 5 2017

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