Keeping cats out of your hedgehog house

This is a short article giving advice and tips on how to keep cats out of your hedgehog house

Cats and hedgehog houses are a very popular subject here at Riverside Woodcraft, with lots of emails and comments weekly on the best way to keep cats out of hedgehog houses

Its so annoying when you purchase a house, get some food, set everything up and then the local cat decides to get a free lunch at your expense, what makes it worse is the cat does not need the food as much as the hedgehog

Cats are free to roam our gardens in the same way wildlife does, difference is they get fed by their owner and it more a game to them than the wildlife, who are trying to just survive

Firstly our own hedgehog houses and feeders are made by us here in Staffordshire, that means we are not compromising on the design or quality to fit in with shipping requirements from abroad, it also means we can make design changes quickly and easily if required

Keeping a cat out of your hedgehog house or feeder is not easy, cats can be big and small, hungry or greedy, inquisitive or lazy, if they are hungry and not fed well they will most likeley be small and want to get to any food you have placed out for the hedgehog, if they are well fed and bigger then making it harder for them to get the food will put them off easier than the latter

Depending on your hedgehog house design and make depends on how easy it is to gain entry to the house, not all of our houses are cat resistant, the golden brown, eco house and eco feeder are but the rest are not, please contact us prior to buying if you have any questions on the best one for your needs

However even though we say it's cat resistant we cannot and neither can any other seller claim to have a 100% cat proof hedgehog house, there will always be one cat who breaks the mould, we can only do our best to make it hard for a cat to gain entry

So here are a few tips which we have picked up over the years, some may work well for you and not others, hopefully you will find one which works and if you are reading this feel free to add your own comments and thoughts, perhaps you have found a way we are not aware of, we would love your feedback

1 - Lets look at why the cat is trying to get into the house, what food are you using, if its cat food try dry mealworms and dry hedgehog food instead, if the cat does not like the food you use then it wont bother going to the trouble of getting to it

2 - Consider using a hedgehog feeder for the food and a house to nest and hibernate in, at least the hedgehog will have a safe place to sleep, our feeder has a baffled entrance at both ends and a good size open feeding area in the middle, its harder for cats to get into this feeder and again put food in they dont like

3 - Stick a few short bamboo sticks around the entrance to the house, this will put of cats as they dont like tight spaces they may get trapped in, hedgehogs are not bothered

4 - Make the tunnel longer and tighter, we offer a cat tunnel which can be added to all our range but you can just use a few house bricks, anything to make the tunnel longer and darker will put of cats as they do not like dark confined spaces

5 - Have you thought of using products which keep cats out of your garden such as ultrasonic PIR sensors or lion dung pellets, if they work you wont need to do anything more as no cats will go near your garden

6 - Remember during the hibernating period whilst it is important to feed the hedgehogs it is also important to offer a house to hibernate in, if you are using the house to feed the hedgehog it is not likeley to use it to hibernate, it's always better to keep the two separate

I hope this short article has helped and dont hesitate to contact us on if you have any other questions

Post by Ricky Leedham

Monday, October 31 2016

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