How does the gift voucher work on the website?


The purchase emails the customer a nicely presented email containing a code.  They can either forward this on to the receiver, or print it out and stick it in a card etc. When the voucher is to be used later on in the shop, the code gets entered into the ‘voucher code’ section on the shopping cart summary page, which then reduces the total cost by the voucher amount.

Remember though, the voucher is not part redeemable, so with a £60 voucher a £40 item will not give you £20 credit left to spend another day.


My bird table has arived but I am missing the stand?


Bird table tops are packaged in a box with the stand base unit and fixings, the stand pole is packaged in a poly tube. The courier will place the box on a conveyor belt system in the sorting hub but the stand pole is handled manually as it poses a risk of damage if placed on a conveyor belt.

This results in about 50% of our tables arriving as a top only and the stand pole usually arrives the next day, delivery days are Mon to Fri.

If your stand pole has not arrived by 4pm the following day please e-mail us and we will put out a trace on it and get an ETA for you


Are the bird tables delivered fully assembled?


We are always being asked if the bird tables arrive fully assembled, this is not possible as they are all fairly big once put together and would not survive the courier journey if they were all assembled. I would say with all honesty that it is unlikely you will find any online supplier who would send a fully assembled bird table through a courier network.

All of the tables arrive with the top fully assembled and the stand is part assembled and requires just a pozi screwdriver to assemble.

We use sharp easy to drive in screws and can if you like e-mail the assembly instructions over so you can see what is involved.

If you are buying for someone who may not be able to assembly the stand then consider the following:

1-      Do they have a helpful neighbour or friend able to assembly the stand for them

2-      Are you visiting them in the near future and feel able to assembly the stand when you visit

If you still feel the above is not possible then maybe a ground feeding bird table would be more suitable and they arrive fully assembled and ready to use.

All the tables have been treated and would require no further treatment for at least a couple of years.


How much is the delivery and what makes it this price?


We use TNT in most cases and the actual cost to us varies from £6.00 to £12 depending on the weight of the goods. occasioanlly we use the post office if the goods weigh less than 2kg and can charge a lower carriage cost, if the customer places the order with us over the phone.

We also use a pallet courier in instances where the goods are very heavy and bulky, such as garden table and chair sets.

As in all cases nothing is free, we incorporate the extra carriage rates into the product selling price, so in certain cases there is a discount available for customers who collect from us, also we do not charge extra for the packaging we use.


When will I receive my goods?


We always email you once we receive your order letting you know when your goods will be sent out and again on the day of dispatch.

If you need the goods earlier say for a birthday or special occasion then let us know by email or telephone and we will do our best to get it to you, if we cannot meet your deadline we will tell you rather than say we can to keep the order.


What preserve do you use on the wildlife products you make?


If you visit we use the "contract grade" their highest level preserve, its enviromentally friendly and very high quality, it also includes a UV stabiliser. As surprising as it is the wind and sun damage wood more than the rain and snow!


You do a lot of products but I still cannot see what I am looking for?


Give us a ring and tell us what you would like, we make a lot of the products so are able to offer a bespoke service as well as the range on this website


Can I buy a bird table top only as I already have a post/tree stump to put it on?


Yes no problem, see our bird table tops only section under "bird tables", if you would like another table top not listed just email us the model/s you are intereted in and we will send you a cost for the top only.


My goods have arrived damaged, what do I do?


Firstly we take every effort to pack the goods in a safe and secure manner but on occasions the courier does treat them roughly and this can result in damage to the goods.

In the first instance send us an email outlining the damage and a few pictures as well as this really helps for us to see the damage and aids in the claims process with the courier. Try to do this the same day you receive the goods.

Once we receive the information we will then advise what are the best options to resolve the damage.

This can be replacement parts, collection & repair, replacement or a full refund if your not happy.