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Hedgehog Houses 

Our Hedgehog houses are designed by ourselves, following advice from experts in the field of hedgehog behaviour, and from our own customer feedback. These are high quality functional houses, well built with quality construction. Designs are based around what hedgehogs actually need rather than being based purely on ornamental design.

There's no denying that almost everyone you talk to will love the Garden Hedgehog. They clear gardens of slugs and snails, are fascinating to watch, and are regularly visitors to your Garden, even though you may not know it. If you wish to encourage hedgehogs into your garden (or convince them to stay) then saucers of dog/cat food but preferably there own dry food so as not to encourage cats or foxes.  Never feed mealworms or crushed peanuts as this is not good for them, they may develop metabolic bone disease. Not only are our houses purpose made for hedgehogs, but they provide a well made safe and secure environment for our spiky visitors.

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