List of products by manufacturer: Riverside Woodcraft

  • Nest box cover plates 33mm universal x 3

    Bird Nest Box Cover plates 33mm

    These are universal 33mm Nesting Box Cover plates, designed for any kind of wild or Garden Bird nest box.

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  • Robin Nest Box

    Robin Nest Box - Economy

    A very economical Robin Nest Box, the perfect size for robins and other similar garden birds

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  • Bird Nest box

    Economy Nest box

    A well made nest box and great value, coming in at under £5 !

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  • Classic Bird Nest box for Robins

    Classic Nest box for Robins

    Small and functional with a large slot for access, this is a superb nest box aimed directly at nesting Robins and similar birds.

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  • Multi Species Robin Bird Nest Box

    Robin Nest Box with eco roof

    A  Bird Nest Box specially designed for Robins with a 95mm opening and has a recycled eco roof. Other birds and species seem to like this as well.

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  • Multi Species Nest Box Recycled Eco Roof

    Multi Species Nest Box

    Multi Species Nest Box with a Recycled Eco Roof.  Comes with a 32mm hole and is ideal for all types of birds and other species.

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  • Dormouse nest box

    Dormouse nest box Riverside

    A Dormouse Nest Box deisgned specically for Dormice, with the entry hole at the rear of the box.

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  • Squirrel Feeder - RS

    Squirrel Feeder - RS

    This sturdy squirrel feeder is built to last. Made from solid Redwood timber, the lid has a corrosion resistant hinge to ensure longevity and proper function

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  • Alpine Garden Bird Nest Box

    Alpine Nest Box

    A great value yet attractive bird nest box for wild and garden birds

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  • Alpine Bird Nest Box with Recycled Eco Roof

    Alpine Bird Nest Box with Recycled Eco Roof

    A classic designed Bird Nest box with a Recycled Eco Roof, with a 32mm hole opening suitable for most small birds. Made from a robust solid wood construction.

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  • Nest box - easy clean

    Lockable Bird Nest Box easy clean

    A Lockable Bird Nest box which is also very easy to clean.  Also has a protective stainless steel cover on the 32mm hole opening with a decorative ridge on...

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  • Lodge Open style Bird Nest box

    Lodge Open style Bird Nest box

    An open styled bird nest box suitable for Robins and birds that like open fronted designed nest boxes.

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