Wildlife supplies from one of the leading UK Garden, Bird and Wlidlife Suppliers. Riverside Woodcraft stock and supply a range of high quality wooden hand made wildlife products (made on our own factory floor). 

Having only started business in 2007 in a small unit in Tamworth, we have now grown to one of the main leading UK suppliers of hand made garden and wildlife products. We only stock high quality products which we consider are worth having, and you'll find no mass produced or cheaply made items (such as those you find in DIY centers).


  • Insects
    Our own great range of insect houses
  • Bat Boxes
  • Mammal Houses
  • Squirrel Feeders
    A range of products specifically for attracting and feeding squirrels into your garden
  • Bird Feeders

    Wild and Garden Bird Feeders for Garden and Wild Birds. These Bird Feeders are in a range of styles from traditional to modern for feeding a variety of different Birds everything from Bird Seed and Peanuts, Fat Balls, and beyond. These feeders can be placed on a Bird Tables, fence posts, walls, or elsewhere. Some of our range are Handmade Wooden Feeders, others are plastic and steel from the industry giants such as Peter Smith and Gardman. Ideal for hanging out in the garden, attaching to trees, walls, or even an existing Bird House, Bird Table or Pole (for the smaller birds to feed on whilst the bigger ones hog the bird table top).

  • Information and Posters

    A large selection of wildlife information posters and booklets